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  1. Simons3

    Hello from Leeds

    Had this beauty 10 yrs or so now. Looked like this back then. Drove it for a few years then started a full engine refurb and you know the rest...kids, house move, work commitment (due to kids!), Italian classics and so on. Anyway, got the cover off it last week. Will be mating the engine to gearbox (non overdrive) and refitting it back on the car. I can't remember exactly what i did with the engine, but i do know i fitted a mk3 profile cam, duplex, rebore, bit of head porting and hardened seats spring to mind. I was going type 9 g/box but can't bring myself to take her soul. Maybe one day. I will post more pics of her when i resize the pics i have as they are way too large. My Fulvia is now finished so time can now be spent on the Spitty. Hoping to have an mot on her in about a month to six weeks, so it's all hands on deck! Fulvia
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  2. I've related our appliance threads to my wife......she thinks we are all barmy and need to get out more, I think she has a point. How about starting a discussion about irons or pillows (wife has a large collection, soft, medium, centre infills, Siberian/Hungarian down etc etc somehow none are just right)? Philips Azur always our go to iron, good on shirts! I must stop this I'm having a gender bender...help someone stop me......
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  3. poppyman

    That was a year that was..

    This might be of use Pete. https://www.knowyourparts.com/technical-resources/engine/types-of-engine-bearing-damage/ Tony.
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  4. mishmosh


    To be fair . If anyone is still falling for this type of scam after 20 years , and all the press coverage. I wonder whether it’s time they turned off the computer for good.
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  5. johny


    I believe balancing can be done on the car (usually noted by the presence of balancing jubilee clips) and, if the shaft ran smoothly before, it makes sense to put it back exactly as it was. This is something easy to do so and if nothing has been changed on the prop why take the chance of upsetting things? However after being overhauled/rebalanced then all bets are off and its position no longer matters....
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  6. Don Cook


    Err, a bit late for chicken jokes and sorry if its on a previous page: Chicken transporter breaks down on the M1, copper says "What's up mate" driver replies "My big-hen's gone!"
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  7. Totally agree Colin! I have been a TSSC member since 1985 and I have attended stafford twice and also attended Stratford-upon-Avon last year. Definitely the only time of the year i meet club members irl. In fact, this forum IS the TSSC for me (and many other international members).
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  8. rlubikey

    1 HS4 or two sir?

    Here you go, Single carb or more ? from back in November. Cheers, Richard
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  9. Re: Twin Carbs interesting articles in Triumph World on the Sabrina twin cam TRS engine. Very interesting SU carbs on it, not seen SU like that. Are they 2 SU's joined together maybe with one float chamber I suppose it means you have one carb per cylinder? mike
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