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  1. thescrapman

    Flat EV

    Surely solution is to use EV trucks to deliver goods short distance to a rail freight terminal, then move across country and do opposite at other end. You can get 100-odd container on a single train in U.K. The UK already has a few Ral Freight terminals, take trains direct from ports or the tunnel, Derby one can currently take 24 a day direct from Felixstowe. 2500 containers not on the roads.
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  2. Just thought I'd add my experiences to this. I've had to replace the radius arm brackets on my GT6 which necessitated removing the driveshaft and vertical link from the car so decided to go the whole hog and replace the slightly cracked donuts and rebush everything plus new timken bearings (rimmers). Decided to stay original so sourced some proper metalastik units. Demon Tweeks have them at £167.20 each (incl VAT)!! However, looked online and a firm called Robush Ltd https://www.robush.com/products/rotoflex-coupling/ do them. They were very helpful - cost £89.25 plus vat each (£107.10 incl VAT) plus £12.50 for next day delivery (in stock whereas Demon Tweeks say will get stock in within 7 days). just like to let people know if they are looking. You need to call or email as they don't sell online. You need to quote the part number which is 21/979/1 (there is a link to the original catalogue. Saves you £120 over the Demon Tweeks items (and probably only costs you £100 over the repro rubbish!) Bob
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  3. Badwolf


    Probably caused by him... (Photo courtesy Jeff Overs) Access courtesy of the BBC news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-57770547
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  4. Adrian

    Is Football Coming Home ?

    I'm not a great lover of football but I do like the international competitions mainly because they have an end. Agree on the laser, the wielder should have a laser applied to his/her bits! I get very angry at the pretend fouls, it is simply unsportsmanlike. If they haven't broken anything or aren't bleeding then carry on, most of the time our rugby players have to be forced off the field even with blood gushing from an injury! I think I've covered most points made, but back to the original thread. Bravo England its about time we had something positive happening in our lives that has a chance of bringing us together rather than dividing us!
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