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  1. Hi Glenn, I changed this on the main (desktop) Forum a couple of days ago but taking note of what you say it looks like there are separate settings for the mobile version :-S. I'll take a look at it and see if I can figure it out. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Colin, there isn't an anonymous Admin lurking if you don't mind, I'm a real person and the Forum labels me as Admin because I set it up not because I choose to be anonymous. As Mike Crews' hinted at you'll see I'm Simon Morgan (sialisplat) your Com IT advisor. JohnD. Please give us a break; the Club is providing this Forum for all Members to use free of charge to discuss thier cars not the colour scheme of the Forum or whether or not it looks like the TRR forum. I look after it voluntarily as do our Moderators and frankly the colour scheme is pretty low on our list of challenges. The colour scheme isn't going to be changed any time soon because I simply don't have any more time to spend on it so kindly give it a rest! You won't give it rest of course because that's not your MO but I won't be monitoring this thread further as I have better and more interesting things to do ;-) Now where's the TR keys ...
  3. Moderators are able to add / edit / remove categories as necessary :-)
  4. John / Bruce, Thanks for bringing this to our attention; yes the scheme is the same as the TR Register, that's because it's the same Message Board Software, chosen because of it's reputable quality. This is a default colour scheme which we decided to keep as, co-incidentally, it's pretty close to the TSSC Corporate colours. I'm sure that had one of the alternative colour schemes been chosen, someone would have criticised that because it wasn't what they expected. The Forums have been customised with the TSSC logo, address, phone number and strapline. It is regrettable that you feel it's confusing, but for the time being anyway I feel things should stay as they are, as a change of colour scheme now could cause even more identity confusion. Admin
  5. Hi John, as Kevin quite rightly says, the filesize is set to 500k maximum which should be plenty big enough for most photos. We can increase this but as with all Forums there is a maximum limit to the overall size of the Forum and if we allow very large images to be uploaded then our 'allowance' will soon be used up costing the Club more money! Thanks for your understanding :-).
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