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  1. Thanks for the replies guys... Nothing that really takes my fancy in the classifieds here, apart from the 13/60 estate, but that's way outside my budget! Does anyone live near this white 13/60 in St Neots, and could get photos and the registration number so I can check it out further? It's looonnng haul down there for me, so I'd like to have a better idea on the car before proceeding any further. I don't want to potentially waste the owners time... My email is admin@ddmbc.co.uk if anyone can help with further details. Regards Eddy
  2. I'm in the market for a new car - Been looking at a 13/60 Herald convertible or estate, or a nice mk2 or mk3 spitfire. I narrowly missed out on a very nice 13/60 convertible in safron (love that colour!) last week. So I'm still looking - Sadly a Vitesse or GT6 is out of my price range, so does anyone have anything for sale? My budget is up to £5k-£6k maximum. I would prefer something in the north east of England if possible, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Cleveland, Co. Durham But would travel further for something special... Regards Eddy
  3. Thanks Pete very helpful.... If I'm going to the trouble of restoring the car I'd like to do it right first time as it's going to be a long term commitment. Regards Eddy
  4. Hi All, I'm seriously thinking of buying a 13/60 convertible (1969 vintage), it's in really good condition apart from the doors. I've looked at all the normal suppliers and no-one seems to do complete doors at the moment, just door skins. So does anyone know of a source for complete doors, or have any good used ones they would like to sell? Regards Eddy
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