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  1. update ... After grinding out the recess to accept the handbrake lever . Cylinders are now fitted . After spending Easter trying to seal fluid leaks. I've removed the worst cylinder and I can see that the bleed nipple is only seating on half the hole. I was expecting to maybe find a poor quality mating surface and had made a reseating tool but this is actually off centre. Or more likely the hole isn't threaded squarely. utter crap
  2. Thanks for replies . Worked out tube length again . Dust shields are .020" thick . So tube length I've used is 1.980"
  3. Went to fit a trunnion kit on my rear suspension rebuild. I'd had the kit a few years but never checked it. When I fitted it the plastic bushes, they were loose in the hub. I measured them and they are 0.020" under size. So about 10 times the play of the old ones I removed. So today a turned a new set from a material called Acetal , this is made for bushings among other things. I have a nice push in fit in the hub but the sleeves were a bit too tight once the bushes were fitted. I had some old sleeves which are a smaller diameter and these went in , but with some play. So the sleeves are a nominal 9/16 diameter but mine were either .004" over or under size. Exactly 9/16 will be good. Also all of them are too short. I calculated the tube length to be 1.990". this then will be the same length as the hub plus to bush heads each 1/16" plus 0.010" for the seal shims. So before I go ahead I want to be sure that when tightened up the vertical link should clamp the spacer tube not the bushes? I found some interesting notes and drawings on another site which confirm my thoughts. Although they allowed some clearance , so their tube length was 1.995". Hopefully I've attached their excellent drawing. Spitfire Rear Trunnion Dimensional Analysis.pdf
  4. i remember fitting uprated moss springs to my 1500. they were nearly twice as low as advertised. Fitted a pair from the club shop and they lowered the car about an inch or maybe 3/4" . but that was years ago.
  5. I made my block with a 3/4" hole in the middle where the dowel should go. Then I turned a stepped pin to go in it . So 2 diameters one 3/4" the second 1/2" this allows the pin to locate the block in to the diff. Next the 3/4" diameter I bored out to 1/2" to take the dowel fitted to the spring. So everything lines up perfectly. A picture would help if I had one.
  6. Received 2 Borg and Beck cylinders . The pivot sits lower but not below. The recess is cast very roughly .The pivot pin rocks sideways as well. I will clean them up and use them . I would say the advert photo didn't represent these items as they are cast the same as the others I had . The photo shows a much smoother finish , maybe originally forged and machined. Being a mould maker I would be ashamed of these . The moulds are long over due a service.
  7. I've ordered a pair of Borg and Beck. Looks a better casting with proper recess in photos. Will let you know when they arrive.
  8. Had a reply from supplier . Asking to check against old one . Well I know the pivot sits below the casting . 2nd will it make any difference to the operation ? Well I'm not sure but would rather not knowing it's not right. 3rd all their stock looks the same. 4th they've sold hundreds with no complaints. However they are happy for me to return it . So do I machine / grind the slot a little deeper? It's tricky as it's a radius at the bottom with straight sides , so can't drop a milling cutter in .
  9. They look good. What make is the one in yellow box?
  10. Thanks for suggestions. Waiting to here from supplier beforeci do anything
  11. I will do . I 've looked at the other side which I fitted a couple of years ago and it's nearly as bad. I didn't notice then as I fitted it whilst on the car . This time I had the drive shaft on the bench.
  12. Thanks Colin . They came from paddocks. It's reminded me to always look for NOS. I will reuse the original. Now I've got it apart it looks o.k. why do we have this every time with parts. I'd much rather pay a couple of quid more for something decent.
  13. I think most new ones look to be the same casting . Mine came from large on line retailer . Don't know if we mention specific companies here. Maybe I'll look for old stock seals and use the original.
  14. Fitting new rear brake cylinder. I assume the pivot for the handbrake should be below the cast body , so that the cylinder can slide . As it is it will try to roll on the lever pivot. More badly made parts? Should I send it back ? I assume others will be similar . I will machine the slot a bit deeper.
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