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  1. The side shaft bearings must be removed to get at the side seals and this often destroys them as they are very tight on the shafts. You know that are tight when you are leaning on the puller/press and the air is suddenly full of flying steel balls..... You sometimes bend the seal plates too but they are easy to straighten. Buy good quality branded bearings (Timken, SKF etc) from the bearing number. Even the best are not expensive. IIRC they are C3 suffix due to the tightness on the shaft. Nick
  2. The minimum diameter for a Propshaft is directly related to its length. Longer shafts have to be larger diameter to better resist whip. The GT6 OD Propshaft is short. Easily short enough to be smaller than the factory offering. In fact I think the non-OD one is too. Suspect they are the size they are to be common materials with all others in the range. I had this discussion with Dave Mac Props when I ordered the prop for my MX5 conversion (which is even shorter) and it is about the same diameter as your smaller one. Nick
  3. Probably have a used one or two if you get stuck. I've dismantled a few of these over the years. NIck
  4. How? It can’t flow uphill and it can’t siphon out of a vented float chamber? Also, with a Vitesse (or Spitty or big saloon), the tank position means that even with even half a tank, the fuel level in the tank isn’t much below the carbs anyway.... The fuel in the float chamber may go stale/evaporate in days/weeks, but I don’t believe it drains back. My money on a duff starter or weak battery pulling the voltage at the coil down and causing a weak spark. Nick
  5. Opie Oils? Used to offer discount for motorclub members (any motorclub), not sure if they still do. Maybe worth ringing to ask? Nick
  6. Don't think so. It's quite difficult to tell if there is play as with the hub fully home, it's inner end is (or should be) an interference fit on the unsplined shoulder section of the shaft, so you won't feel any backlash, though you may get a pronounced click or clack from the offending corner when going from forward to reverse and vice versa. To confuse matters they sometimes click without undoing your hub nut! You can check the backlash with hub removed just enough to get it off the shoulder - use a bar across the stubs to get a bit more leverage, I don't think hand pressure on the hub d
  7. It’s probably telling you that the splines are knackered in the hub flange or on the shaft. It’s the relative movement between them that is undoing the nut. New nut plus loctite might hold it and is worth a try, but I have my doubts. Nick
  8. Yep, that’s the one. I’m not using it my new Blackline Torsten diff though, that’s got a fully synthetic GL5 in it. Yet to be autobahn proven...... Nick.
  9. Been using the Redline shockproof in my Vitesse for about 15 years. It’s blood red..... and stays that colour even after hooning up and down the autobahns, unlike the stuff I used before which would go black and lumpy after one trip.... It is expensive but not as expensive as a diff.... Nick
  10. Yes, it’ll be fine. I’ve been using it in my Vitesse for decades. It’s a Toyota gearbox 🤫, but I’ve used it in Triumph gearboxes too with good results. Nick
  11. Fixed but on the little rubber bushes that like to turn to dust or goo Nick
  12. Same trick with ATF might not be so daft...... Some sludge in the bottom of an old, well-used engine is pretty much inevitable. Lots of semi-modern VAG cars have known issues with it and blockage of the oil pickup strainer...... which leads to bad things..... Nick
  13. Nick Jones

    £85k TR6

    So? Some of the best cars are 😛 Oh yeah..... unreasonably so. Just because the resto cost £85k doesn’t make the car worth that. Absolutely!
  14. GT6 took us out yesterday (maybe 40 miles) and me to work today, which is about the same. Gave it the 1000 mile oil change yesterday too. Nick
  15. 20%? I’d say that’ll make a noticeable difference and the stronger spring will give a richer mix, explaining your plug colour imbalance, though the jet heights are the same. Nick
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