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  1. Mint


    Thanks for the information , will give it a try . Thanks
  2. Mint


    Thanks for the reply , will give the dial gauge a try i have an early Mk3 GT6 engine and compere it with that . Many thanks
  3. Mint


    My Mk2 GT6 is running triple dellorto carbs , there are double springs on the rocker valves , i think there might be a none standard camshaft is there any way of finding out without dismantling the engine . I have no history of work carried out on the engine and need to set the valve clearances .
  4. Mint

    Cylinder head

    Thanks Guys , i will stick to any early Mk3
  5. Mint

    Cylinder head

    Hi can someone advise , i have a ported cylinder head for a 1971 GT6 Mk3 , my question is would the cylinder head be compatible with a later GT6 Mk3 . Thanks
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