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  1. Thanks Colin. A hard press down and a hard thump did it. Now adjusted and working fine. I was getting worried for a while!
  2. Nightmare week continues. I've sorted the door handle that wouldn't open and got the window winder handle back on both thanks to help from this forum. I now find the bonnet will not open. Both handles pull up. The offside one appears to unclip OK. The nearside is stuck solid. Tried jiggling the handle and bonnet but nothing will shift it. Is there any way to loosen or remove the handle from the outside? Tried the three screws but they just turn so assume there is a nut the other side. Hope someone can advise!
  3. Thanks Peter. Sounds ingenious. I think I will make one as it will save a lot of swearing and upsetting the neighbours!
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. I'll give them a go.
  5. Is there a secret for replacing the window winder handle on a spitfire 1500? Can't seem to manage to get everything lined up to get the pin in with the spring pushing against you the whole time!
  6. Thanks Colin. I'm just about to go and do some more shaping on my plastic block and if that doesn't work I'll make an offer on one.
  7. Thanks Pete. I followed up the 3D print thread after your earlier message. Unfortunately the part I need is not on that website. Thanks for the link anyway.
  8. You're right Colin. The handle on my car is excellent (apart from being broken!) So a tatty donor handle would do. Thanks for your help.
  9. So it's the part marked as number 1 in the attached diagram.
  10. Hi. That's very helpful. It's a very good video. Thanks.
  11. So this evening I followed Pete's suggestion and filed down a plastic furniture block. Unfortunately one of the screw holes is in the way but it's quite close to the original (photo attached). I fitted the handle back in the car and it will now open from the outside but only if you turn the key at the same time. I'll try and file some more off tomorrow and see what happens.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I had forgotten them. Will try them tomorrow.
  13. Hi Pete. Thanks for your latest message. I contacted WBH but they cannot help. They want the original part number (which I cannot locate) and they also have a minimum order number of 25 items. I have now sent some photos to a 3D printing company to get a quote. It may be a lot cheaper than a new door handle.
  14. Good idea Pete. If all else fails I may give it a go. Thanks for your help.
  15. It turns out it's a black plastic piece that's snapped as in the photos. Both Canley and Rimmer don't give a part number and say you have to buy the complete handle. Anybody know if it is available anywhere? Thanks in anticipation.
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