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  1. Yes, Waxoyl is not the best but better than nothing. If you are trying to follow originality, it is very difficult to get the detail right. On my GT6 restoration, as much as I like originality, I'm thinking of the chassis in black just because it's neater than relying on overspray for a finish so it will be body color body/underneath, black chassis. I'm thinking of a stone chip with top coat in body colour for floor pans and underneath wheelarches but just body colour for the rest of the front bulkhead.
  2. I'm looking for a flat piston engine for an early Mk3 GT6 if anyone can help. Ideally complete with head, carbs etc so best if you have it all complete.
  3. Thanks Paul, I really appreciate the trouble you've gone to in detailing that. It is really helpful and puts things into context for me. Looking forward to seeing your completed car.
  4. Ha ha. Yes. My man maths is taking over already.
  5. Thanks Aiden. Yes, at this stage it is trying to just guage what to base expectations around and wondering what others have found. 100 hours sounds reasonable to me - 2 men for 2 1/2 weeks.
  6. I'm trying to throw rough prices for repainting a GT6 shell. The intention would be to dip and electrophoretic coat the shell, then there would be lots of preparation work before painting. The shell would be presented to a painter with just minimal work left for them to do. Could anyone estimate how much I should budget for a repaint of a prepared shell/bonnet/doors/chassis etc? I've had estimates of around 100 hours labour plus materials bringing the cost to about £4-5K. Does that sound reasonable?
  7. Many thanks. It's some time since I had the head off and can't remember if there was any recess for the gasket but I've suspected I have a low compression ratio. Even though the engine has good compression, the engine spins over very fast compared to others I own.
  8. According to the paperwork, my car was fitted with a "new block retaining original pistons/crankshaft" in 1981 but the pistons are domed in an early GT6. I suspect it's a cobbled up engine. How can I tell if the right bits have been used? i.e. late block and head with the domed pistons I know I've got.
  9. A very expensive way of owning a GT6. Great if you want a project but how many hard to find bits are missing. £20K will buy you a worthwhile Mk1. I doubt this will get on the road for less.
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