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  1. Thats incredible price. i still can not afford it but.... incredible
  2. thanks for the advice. i may put it in my press, apply load, then heat. it surprises me such a simple job on everything else i can think of can be such a faff. good job there is a lathe next to my press :-)
  3. thank you. it will be nice to know why no one will lent me one. looks like its out with the welder.........
  4. Hi all. Trying to do a rear wheel baring on my herald and as I'm shaw you all can guess i have hit a blank, short of making a hub puller myself. I am hoping that a club member has one they would be able to post to me for a few days in return for a few bear tokens???? I will cover all postage costs or even come and meet you if your close enough. i am based in the north west, wirral area. Hope someone can help and thanks in advance. all the best. Leon
  5. Leon

    Timing chain

    Thank you. I picked up a cheepey new one this morning. Two fold. Will be able to get dimensions from it and will also be able to perform tensile testing on it to determine material and component properties. Thanks again for the reply.
  6. Leon

    Timing chain

    does anyone have dimensions for a spitfire timing chain please? 1500 & 1300 if they differ? Failing that. Would anyone possessing a new chain be kind enough to measure it for me? All the best, Leon
  7. Thank you. Anyone with opinions or experience on surface finish??
  8. Leon


    i have been vary happy with 3m stuff. normally have two small bottles on the shelf. one for being able to undo again and one for fixings that must stay together. as i say no problem so far.... Naw where is that bit of wood to touch???????
  9. Hi all. Can anyone upload pics or describe any work they have done on there rods please. Im building a 1500 triumph spit engine bottom end. After getting 82BHP on the rollers from extensive work on the top end I'm looking to clean up the next 18bhp from the bottom end and cam. looking at the stock rods that have come out i guess i will. 1)remove the casting seam 2)balance the small ends 3)match each rod's mass. Questions though.... 1) the small end seems to have an oil pot on the top. must this be left alone? 2) can the beams be polished and not shotpeaned or should i leave them with a rough (sanded) as apposed mirror finish? i cant go tho the expense of shotpeaning 3) the saddles are quite a bit wider than the rods themselves. Can i machine them down to match the rod? 4) can the rods be thinned dawn at all?
  10. i have a brass blade in a scraper set that works a treat. just a bit of time and care is needed not to scratch the piston crown. i find it harder keeping carbon from dropping down to the rings though than not scratching the piston. a nice little trick is to put the piton to be cleaned at the top and then pack round the piston with grease. after cleaning the crown you can back the piston dawn the bore leaving all the carbon that would have made it to the rings stuck in the greases at the top of the pots waiting to be removed.
  11. Hello to you all. I canot see ware i introduce myself and my cars so its straight in with a question I'm afraid. very rude i know but..... Before i starts please allow me the time to apologise for my awful spelling. I'm sorry. i just cant get my head round the whole reeding and weighting thing. any way, on to pistons. below are two of the pistons taken from my 1500 engine. no1 on the left and no2 on the right. no3 is the same as no1 and no4 the same as no2. as you can see no1 has had some material removed from the gudgeon pin saddles compared with no2. at first i though this may have been done at the factory to balance the pistons though i now think not as no1&3 both weigh 3g less than no2&4. only weighed on kitchen scales as a friend has my massing scales i was still surprised however to find the pairs within 1g of each other. I intend to put new pistons in on the rebuild but i am wondering.... if this is a tried and tested way of removing a few grams from each piston i will machine all 4 in this way in order to 1) reduce there mass and 2) equalise the masses of all 4 pistons. can anyone shed any light on this please??? All the best. Leon
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