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  1. I sometimes drive around Ascot/Sunningdale in either my Herald or Vitesse.Sometimes i see a classics Rolls or Aston,they never wave at me,the great unwashed. S
  2. I would do the same as i did when i changed my Vitesse to a paddle clutch,try diferent carriers and see what the geometry of the arm is after,easier on a bare chassis and engine. Steve
  3. Yes but it`s not old..maybe Colin could butcher a Gunson unit for the cone. S
  4. Mine has the flat rubber disc,then the image below which has a lip on the back and fits over the flat disc. Steve
  5. That`s what i have,bought years ago from e bay,i like old school stuff.. S
  6. The new 1500 in my Herald made 92bhp on the rollers,it has a 3:63 diff and single rail o/d box,i`m more worried about the driveshafts as i snapped one before at the hub end on my Vitesse,not fun when your back wheel overtakes you. Steve
  7. I would also check the fuel pipes haven`t degraded and are allowing air in somewhere,i had a similar issue on my Herald. Steve
  8. Think mine is 1055. S
  9. I have one of his last ones on the shelf,he had a few not trimmed around the edges so i got one. Steve
  10. The head of the EU medicines agency has said publicly today that he believes there is a link with AZ vaccine and the blood clot reports (30 ish in over 20+ million doses?).I think he also said that benefit far outweighs the risk,don`t think that was widly reported. That should help the EU take up no end. S
  11. It can be a bit short,depends where you go with the revs,it picks up quickly anyway so it doesn`t bother me.No idea of the ratio,bought the box from e bay and had Mike Papworth rebuild it.70 mph o/d 4th is about 2900 rpm,bit scary over 90mph as it needs a 4 wheel alignment. The only issue i had was clutch geometry,i used a modified Vitesse flywheel and had to play with different bearing carriers to get it right,then it wore out the AP plate i was using in 10k miles,ended up with a paddle type and good so far. Steve
  12. I went the big saloon box route on my 2.5 Vitesse with a 3:27 diff with a TR7 carrier.My engine was on the rollers when new and made 172BHP peak,can`t remember the torque number but it pulls like a train in all gears and will go up a hill in o/d 4th no problem. Had to CV convert it as it snapped a driveshaft,diff and gearbox all good so far after 13k miles. I remember going down the Staines bypass a few years back giving it the beans,there was a guy behind me in a Jag XFR,when we stopped at traffic lights,he wound the window down and said"you must have a V8 in that". S
  13. I have a Triumphtune rear arb kit for my Vitesse in the garage,bought from TT in Richmond around 1986,never fitted as the car handled great with the TT spring i had on it anyway. Steve
  14. I had a newly built 1500 engine at considerable expense fail due to head gasket issues after 500 miles,i had used waterless coolant. When it was stripped down,the whole engine internally was caked with jelly like stuff,the builder thought the waterless stuff had reacted with the oil and emulsified,it meant a complete strip down and cleanout before another rebuild. Steve
  15. I`m going to do a CV conversion on my Herald soon,part of this will be replacing the old standard original spring with a new courier one i have,with a 1" block. Thing is,it has a 3:63 diff in a four stud casing,i have been using it like this for at least 8 years with no issues,including completing the 2014 RBRR in it. Any thoughts?. Steve
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