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  1. Thanks its not half full but the end of the pipe is submerged (1/3 full)
  2. Hi Pete, nope no remote header just the std later rad with overflow bottle
  3. Well there are certainly no leaks and I’ve bled the system thoroughly so it must be the new hoses expanding to take up the increased volume! I wonder if the cap is faulty ( pattern parts?) or is too long for the radiator neck so it’s already partly compressing the cap spring. Does anyone know what length the cap should be ( underside to bottom Of rubber seal on spring)
  4. What psi radiator cap should a Vitesse 6 have (without separate header tank) I’ve a 7psi cap but it never vents to the overflow bottle no matter how hot the engine gets even if the,radiator is brimmed full when the engine is cold....
  5. I sent the distributor back to Martin at Distributor Doctor and it seems either my coil or condenser was faulty and it caused burning off the points ( more than likely the coil ). He replaced the condenser and points free of charge and I bought a new flamethrower coil from him. 1 week & 250 miles later it’s still running like a dream ! I sent the distributor on the Monday and it was back by the Wednesday all fixed! can’t ask for better service than that from Martin.
  6. Yup he did a great of mine which makes me think it’s a coil supply voltage issue. Sounds like a job for lunchtime tomorrow ( one advantage of working from home )
  7. Just had a brain wave this morning... I wonder if I’m loosing the +ve supply to the coil or the voltage is low, easy check and a dodgy high resistance ignition switch could cause it or bad wiring to/ from the switch. Easy to prove with a wire slaved in from the battery +ve straight to the coil +ve and give it a try!
  8. Ok so a day of tinkering... so the mixture was made 1/4 turn richer but made no difference on a run. After a bit of thinking I put an inductive timing light on the plug leads. It showed up a miss every 10 seconds or so on #1 cylinder, it was obvious when I slaved a plug into the lead and you could see the spark as erratic. . I couldn’t be sure if it did it on other cylinders as well. So condenser replaced- no change, rotor arm replaced no change, plug leads replaced, - no change, coil replaced - no change , distributor cap changed - no change..... even tried the spark plug incase It was shorted out.... guess what.. no change! so has anyone any ideas?????
  9. Did you have a damper spring fitted ?
  10. Here you go http://www.aireytuning.com
  11. Thanks, yup ported and compression raised ( hence the 169 psi compression reading!) I”ll richen it up a 1/4 of a turn and see what happens then if all else fails it’s rolling road time. I have a local old school guy with a rolling road who understands strombergs and has been know to fettle needles to get the mixture right across the range!
  12. It doesn’t pink so doubtful if it’s timing
  13. So.... plugs all look good, nice light biscuit colour, 25 thou gap, Oil changed in dashpots to 20-50, points gap re-set to 15 thou. Compressions checked all 160-169 psi hot. Took it for a run and all was ok... for a short while...then when under load it hesitates when the throttle is slowly pushed down, maybe not a full misfire? What about a weak mixture, would that do it, remember I said the plugs were a nice light biscuit colour.....maybe a Vitesse needs builders tea colour!!
  14. Thanks Pete ive some sae30 running In oil so I’ll try that and go over the electrics again and start swapping bits if that doesn’t cure It.
  15. Std filters with the flexible tubes running to the front grill. what’s the best grade of oil to use in the dash pots? Back in the 80’s I used to use 3 in 1 oil but I don’t think you can get that now?
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