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  1. Hi Again Think my original post may be confusing... I need to replace the felt seal in the quarter light channel where the main window sits when it's wound up or down (not the quater light glass seal). So I'm trying to work out if I can remove the quaterl ight frame from the door to fit the new felt seal without removing the main window glass.
  2. Hi Martyn Thanks for the link. Apologies as I think I've misled you - I need to replace the seal that sits in the quarter light channel for the window itself. Just trying to work out if I can remove the quater light assembly without removing the glass.
  3. Ok - thanks for the tips. Will give it a go
  4. Just has some bodywork done on my passenger door which involved removing the entire glass and mechanism. Now it's all back together I can open the door from the outside but not the inside - it looks as the the lock on the door itself isn't moving far enough when using the interior handle. Any ideas what could cause this?
  5. I need to replace the quaterlight seal - it it possible to remove the quaterlight without taking out the main window glass or does the glass need to come out first of all?
  6. So does the helicoil go into the captive plate thread?
  7. I’ve just replaced the rubber seal on the passenger quarterlight but I had to drill out the brass rivet that holds the the glass in place to do so. Is it best to try a re-rivet this or use a small nut and bolt? Can you get brass rivets?
  8. Thanks Colin - that's really good to know.
  9. I'm going to buy the hazard warning light kit from the club for my vitesse but are there any suggestions as to connecting the wires? I'm assuming scotchlocks are a no go?
  10. Quick update... As Pete mentioned - It looks like someone has has cut a small access hole in the A frame at the bottom which was hidden by the footwell side carpet. They've also drilled through the inner casing at the bottom and attached nuts to the oversized bolts. So, three questions.. 1. I'm assuming that by attaching bolts to the nuts it removes the ability to adjust the bottom door hinge? 2. If the captive plate has been tapped to take a bigger bolt, does it still need a nut on the end or can I remove them and retain some adjustment? 3. Is it possible to replace the captive plate?
  11. Hi Pete - so do the bolts just go through the threaded plate i.e the bolts don’t have a nut on the end?
  12. Thanks Gary - so if you tap up can you still make adjustments or is it fixed?
  13. Does anyone know how the door hinges bolts are attached to the A frame on a Vitesse (or Herald)? Is there a captive nut within the A frame itself? If there is and the thread is stripped how do you get access other than cutting away the A frame metal from inside the car?
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