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  1. Thanks Colin - that's really good to know.
  2. I'm going to buy the hazard warning light kit from the club for my vitesse but are there any suggestions as to connecting the wires? I'm assuming scotchlocks are a no go?
  3. Quick update... As Pete mentioned - It looks like someone has has cut a small access hole in the A frame at the bottom which was hidden by the footwell side carpet. They've also drilled through the inner casing at the bottom and attached nuts to the oversized bolts. So, three questions.. 1. I'm assuming that by attaching bolts to the nuts it removes the ability to adjust the bottom door hinge? 2. If the captive plate has been tapped to take a bigger bolt, does it still need a nut on the end or can I remove them and retain some adjustment? 3. Is it possible to replace
  4. Hi Pete - so do the bolts just go through the threaded plate i.e the bolts don’t have a nut on the end?
  5. Thanks Gary - so if you tap up can you still make adjustments or is it fixed?
  6. Does anyone know how the door hinges bolts are attached to the A frame on a Vitesse (or Herald)? Is there a captive nut within the A frame itself? If there is and the thread is stripped how do you get access other than cutting away the A frame metal from inside the car?
  7. Ah - just re-read Clive’s comment about the USB charger unit drawing power from the battery even when nothing is connected. So could I connect the 12v supply directly to the battery and the 5v supply to the radio connection?
  8. Thanks for all the advice. It sounds as though the simple approach would be to connect directly to the battery with an in line fuse and a suitable earth. I plan to only use my phone (USB) or sat nav (12v) when the car is running so don’t think this will cause any battery drain.
  9. Dave - thought that might be the case. So if I keep the original filament bulb for the ignition light but keep LEDs for all of the others then that should be ok?
  10. I’d like to connect a 12v and 5v socket (pic attached ) so I can power a sat nav or charge my phone whilst driving. What’s the best way to wire this in?
  11. Have replaced all of the dash lights with led versions and must admit they are much better. The only problem is that the led for the red ignition light stays on constantly when the engine is running so I’ve switched this bulb back to the original and all is fine. I’m assuming that you can’t use a led replacement for the ignition bulb?
  12. Hi Clive - where did you get yours from? I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Bell’s version the shop sells.
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