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  1. I know I want to! I'm just not sure I have the ability!
  2. With my test light and multimeter in hand I started probing and found that there was no power getting to the switch! Nothing across the middle fuse… that’s a problem I’ll deal with later….. so I’ve plumbed it into a different power wire and hey presto the horn is working. So now I can go and get it MOTd and then have a look at the wiring on a rainy day! The fuse box seems a little tired…. is changing it or upgrading it a big job?
  3. Thanks for the guidance. Unfortunately I'm working at the weekend so can't make the show.
  4. Cheers Matthew. Ignition off but also the same with ignition on. The horn works when wired directly to the battery (scared the hell out of my 2 year old daughter!) Electrics are a dark art to me. Learning as quick as I can though!
  5. Hi guys. Finally had some more time to try and resolve this horn issue. So I popped my multimeter into the purple slot on the block as per DanMi's instruction and what I got is shown on the video clip. I don't think that's right somehow! 20210809_141005.mp4
  6. Just ran a wire from purple black to purple and...... nothing happened!
  7. Quick update. The horn works when current run across it. Now to check the wiring by doing the trick DanMi has suggested! If there's a loud band heard over the Midlands you'll know I got it wrong!!! 😉
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll go through your check lists over the next couple of days and then get back to you! If there is a relay where will I find it?
  9. Hi there people. I hope you are all well. My pageant blue W reg spitfire that you so graciously helped get back on the road last summer is coming up for its MOT. The problem is I’ve lost my horn! It was intermittent for a while (due to a loose wire) and now it has totally gone. I ordered and have fitted a new indicator stalk supplied by Rimmers which does everything else but still no horn. I then looked at the wiring and there appears to a missing wire in the connecting block of the new switch. A purple one! What can I do? Is there an alternative way of wiring the horn to say a push button on the dash or a centre push on a steering wheel. Your advice as always will be gratefully received! Cheers Jonathan
  10. Kiajon

    Well blow that

    Thanks for the help (again) I found one of the bolts on the flange was very loose! Tightened and hey presto no leak! That also helped the running. So all good! Time to get out and enjoy the open air!
  11. Kiajon

    Well blow that

    Hi there guys! I hope you are all well! So, after last years amazing success at getting my 1981 spitfire back on the road (with major help from this forum) I find I must once more call upon your knowledge! Shortly after passing it's MOT the old girl decided to blow her back box (at this point can I clarify that I am talking about the spitfire and not he wife!?!). Anyhow it was happily bodged with tape to keep me going until a new part could be sourced and fitted! That was August last year..... I fitted the new back box today! Never one to rush into a job. All fitted and fastened and I started her up only to notice that there now appears to be a blow around the seal for the manifold to exhaust. As there appears to be no damage other than a mighty draft coming out of the join would I be right in thinking I should just be able to undo the bolts, clean up the surfaces and pop a new seal in? Next up, she doesn't seem to be running to well. I'd love to learn how to set up and balance the carbs but I don't know where to start. I've watched all the Youtube clips and I get the theory, I'm just not confident I've got the practical skills. Is there any one local to Rugby who does mobile tuning/balancing? That's all for now..... I'm sure there'll be more to follow! Cheers again Jonathan
  12. So after umpteen years sat in the garage, 5 months feverish work and alot of guidance from the good people of this forum MUX562W is back on the road! She's nowhere near perfect but she makes me smile every time I drive her, and my 6 year old son is so happy that she's no longer a giant toy! I've switched to steel wheels and now with new rubber the drive is fantastic - I no longer think my eyeballs are going to be shaken out of my skull! So here's to some good weather to drive her in and once more a massive thank you to everyone on the forum who have given advice and support! We (MUX, my son and I) look forward to perhaps meeting some of you at a TSSC get together in the near future!
  13. I have gone down the steel wheel route and 3 of my 4 wire wheel adapters are now on the work bench. The fourth one however is still attached to the car! I can not get the nuts off! Any suggestions before I get the angle grinder out?
  14. Thanks for the responses, I’m happy not spend money on the rad, there’s other stuff that’ll happily rinse my wallet (wife, kids!) The gauge is showing a bit warm. I gave the system a flush when I first got it running but having read up more (on here mainly) I realised I didn’t get do it right so that’ll be redone first.
  15. For the first time since 2006 my little Spitfire 1500 is road legal! She passed her 2nd attempt at the MOT with no advisories! A huge thank you to everyone who has offered me advice and guidance. I’ll be asking lots more questions as I know classic car ownership is a bit like painting the Forth bridge, you never really finish it! But for now I’m going to drive her and get a better idea of what I need improve/change/repair/replace! One quick question, is it worth fitting a wider radiator? At the moment it’s all standard at the mo but I know that she runs a bit warm. I’ve seen wider radiators on fleabay either aluminium ones for £110 (way to cheap to be any good, surely) or an ‘uprated radiator’ for £150 - see attached images - is it worth it? Thanks again
  16. Hi there everyone. I hope you’re all well and enjoying the weather and your cars! My spitfire 1500 is heading back in for a second go at an MOT on Thursday. Here’s hoping! I’ve taken various people’s advice and bought a set of steel wheels to replace my wires. They are currently being blasted and treated but I could do with some advice on tyre size. The wheels are 13 inch 5j so I’m guessing that a 175 70 r13 tyre is going to be best? Or am I wrong? Is there a better option? What issues might I encounter? Thanks again for you help and guidance!
  17. I have a horn again! Having spent 99p on a partially working unit so I could see where the wire needs to go, then stealing the wife's make up mirror I managed to reattach the rogue cable! It probably isn't a permanent fix but if it gets me through the MOT it'll do! Thanks for all you help.....again! Now onto the front upper ball joints!
  18. Cheers for that. I might buy it just to see how the damn cabling works! There’s not much slack on the wiring loom to lift the unit off! May need to spend some time inverted in the driver’s seat!
  19. Other photos from tonight!
  20. Bum! I was hoping it might be an option! I’ll try and get a better photo tomorrow (or a series of) and I’ll close the garage door to reduce the back light. The others I took today are similarly ambiguous!
  21. Tried having a look with a mirror (and my phone camera) and I still can't see where this purple cable is supposed to go. So, while doing that I had a look at the steering wheel and the boss seems to be a horn push. What would I need to do/add/buy to make it work?
  22. I’ll have a look later. Here’s hoping.
  23. Hmm. Took the steering wheel.off and saw the plate. Heart sank! Looking for a small mirror to see what's on the back. This is going to be a challenge!
  24. Ooh. Is the broken terminal visible on my photo? (Complete beginner here and to top that I'm a visual learner!) Is there anyway of popping the unit off to get better access to the back of it?
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