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  • Cars Owned
    Ford Anglia 105E (in the beginning ) Spitfire Mk3 Ford 1600E BMW 2002 BMW 320 Series 2 Landrover SWB BMW 3 SERIES (E36) Audi's to many to list GT6 Mk3 under restore (well nearly finished)

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  1. Check this site, I used them for a retro radio, it looks a 1970's radio with "to days" internals, they built mine with two usb leads for iphone charging or sat nav power, as my GT6 has no cigarette lighter socket https://www.raysmith.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=triumph &category_id=89&description=true
  2. Best talk to Andy at speedy cables he is very helpfull they recalibrated my speedo have a look here https://speedycables.com/speedometer-calibration/ and dont be put off it is so simple to do
  3. also first check your gearbox oil level it might be that simple
  4. Hi for the sealing foam on the flaps I used https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Armacell-Armaflex-Pipe-Insulation-Tape-self-adhesive-50mm-x-3mm-x-15metre-roll/224360339009?hash=item343ceb1641:g:WbcAAOSwUmhf8dwZ Nad the seal between the heater and bulkhead from Ang Classic Cars part number 61425 £5.45 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-SPITFIRE-GT6-HEATER-BOX-TO-PLENUM-CHAMBER-FOAM-SEAL-614125/372874523552?hash=item56d10db3a0:g:0y4AAOSwrxpd821K this all works great
  5. I'm near winchester and have GT6 MK3 oem steering wheel you can borrow if still required
  6. Roger if you need a back plate I have one you can have FOC, or I can draw around it and send you the template, then you can have a alloy one cut out over there at home, much cheaper option chap
  7. If you have a bit of roof space, I just hung mine up from the front body mounting points, and the rear bumper mountings The yellow rope takes the weight & the blue stops it twisting over, look at the beer can and you will see custom made jacking points for the rear
  8. I have the Sealey tool, I swopped out all the self tappers on the GT6, I used stainless nuts, a mix of 4, 5 & 6mm, the 4 & 5 mm I used quite a few mandrills, I know I just over tightened them,
  9. Colin pop it in a van tell the boss your taking her away for the weekend jump onto a ferry to Liverpool, then up to Preston & you'll be back in time for work Monday http://www.paint-strip.co.uk/contact-us/
  10. with my Mk3 GT6 I had a new screen from Rimmer's and used two auto windscreen companies neither could fit the screen, when I was left looking at the new screen and measuring I found that both bottom corners had the wrong radius, so i made a template of my old screen, stuck it on the new one, and used my diamond files ( for sharpening my chisels ) to redress the new screen , I found an old guy, a semi retired wind screen fitter, I got a COH Bains new seal, I think it took him half an hour. job done, And my car has had a new windscreen surround and a roof repair panel fitted
  11. Well guys I wimped out when doing my GT6 and used http://www.paint-strip.co.uk/how-we-do-it/ So much easier just cut out any bits and bobs you don't want, weld in new bits and give it to them, and remember the primer is on ALL THE BODYy even the bits you CAN'T see, It was just awkward reappllying some of the seam sealer
  12. Guppy916


    I used http://www.h-h-ignitionsolutions.co.uk/technical.htm on my MK3 GT6 can't fault them
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