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  1. So, the way I read it is as follows Mk 1 Vitesse 1600 = 4.11:1 - Part No. 511350 Mk1 Vitesse 2000 = 3.89:1 - Part No. 518946 Mk2 Vitesse 2000 = 3.27:1 - Part No. 518950 Mine's a Mk2 2L with O/D, hence I went for the 3.27:1 which I presume is the factory spec version. Trouble is wherever I look there's a different view on reliability, suitability etc. I guess that's what makes the classic car world interesting ;-)
  2. Hi Johny, It should be a standard 3.27:1 diff, at least that's what I ordered. To be honest, apart from a couple of gentle rides around the block to get everything settled, I've not had chance to drive it with any "enthusiasm" yet. Been swapping the wheel studs for the LR Freelander beasts :-)
  3. Hi Gav, Thanks for this detailed advice. After a long hot summer and a couple of other projects I finally found some time and patience to swap the diff on my Vitesse this weekend. In summary I followed your instructions word for word and it worked like a breeze, no spring lifters required, and no movement of the spring. Called in a couple of favours and borrowed 2 additional trolley jacks (including a heavy weight one for the diff) just to add a bit of additional safety under the chassis, see photo. The larger lifting plate on the heavy weight trolley jack was ideal for holding the diff at the required angle when re-installing, in fact I got it spot on and it went straight in (more by luck than judgement !!) To confirm, if you can remove it, removing the exhaust on a Vitesse certainly aids with access. An additional tip I came up with was to strap a crow bar on the radius arm to lift the drive shafts up and away from the diff, giving me more room to drop and replace the unit. Just need to tidy up the diff paint and take it for a test drive, had the cup of tea ;-) Couple of photos below Thanks to you and everyone for their advice and comments !! Steve
  4. Thanks all for your replies and the humour too I'll hopefully be getting on with this in the next week or two and report back with photos of scuffed knuckles, dirty nails and hopefully even a swapped diff
  5. Thanks Mat Is your method similar to Gav's or is there another approach to follow Cheers Steve
  6. Thanks Gav, That sounds promising, I guess loosening all of the diff drive shaft bolts and mountings in advance would help reduce the faffing about. I'll take the exhaust off as it's quite new and easy to remove, looks like it'll give me a bit more room to get in there and less to bash my head against :-) I'll give it a go, I'm reasonably confident, having done a fair few jobs on various "old heaps" in my time. Thanks John, I'm always up for a useful hint and will happily make a wooden dolly to enable a smoother refit Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks Pete, Clive, I was hoping for a "sure you can do that" whilst expecting your replies OK, so what is the best approach to dropping the diff, spring etc?
  8. Hi all, I'm planning to swap out the rear diff on my 1969 Mk2 Vitesse, long story, don't ask......... So, the first simple question - Can I remove it without dismantling the whole rear end set up (leaf spring etc)? Secondly, any hints, tips, best order of removal, gotchas, and lessons learned regarding doing this? Having read the various stories about the rear leaf spring and the fun that ensues refitting I'm hoping I don't have to enjoy that experience any time soon Any help and advice gratefully received Thanks in advance folks :-)
  9. Hi Pete, Mine is a 1969 Vitesse Mk2, probably makes sense that its for the full beam flash, still scary that originally there were no fuses in the 2nd circuit. Mine now has plenty, all I need to do now is remember which fuse services which circuit. :-) Thanks Steve
  10. Hi, Nearly completed the restoration of my Vitesse, new wiring loom included. I've carried out one or two additions and modifications to the wiring and have set about updating my wiring diagram, so I don't forget what I've done later on........ Just noticed that there are two 12v feeds to the lighting system and can't work out why that would be. There is one feed to the dashboard master light switch from the control box and one to the column switch from the fuse box If I take either off, the lights still work (halogens fed by relays before you think I'm trying to burn out the thin wiring..) Any ideas? Also seems a bit daft that on the original, one is fused the other isn't Thanks Steve
  11. Hi Pete, The drive gear head is identical on both units, I believe it is from a 6 cylinder as it rotates 2:1, 2 turns of the engine to 1 turn of the distributor The correct drive shaft is 40mm long The unit fitted post refurb is 35mm long I have uncovered a few other issues with the standard of the work on both the engine and the chassis, the company involved seem to be gaining a reputation for less than reputable behaviour and service. There are others with similar issues coming to light, shame the Google reviews weren't there back in 2014 before I took my car to an engineering firm in Kent to be butchered If anyone is thinking of using an Engineering company in that area it May be worth checking with me and Google first
  12. Well I now have the answer to my question, courtesy of me tracking down a 2 litre Mk2 distributor drive shaft and it arriving in the post today - 40mm!! not the 35mm that the dodgy engine refurb idiots left in there for me to seize the engine with. So, I've fitted the new drive shaft, set up the static timing for the nth time this month - I reckon I could now do static timing blindfold - primed the oil pump, started the engine and straight up to 75psi in seconds - Magic, just like they're supposed to do. Photo below showing the drive shaft that was fitted during the refurb and my replacement item. So the question is what engine is the short one from? Oh, and I wonder if the idiots have tried to fit a long one onto a different engine and had to work out why it won't fit
  13. Try this Stag http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201603302450153?search-target=usedcars&searchcontext=default&sort=default&page=3&radius=1500&postcode=CV5%207JU&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&make=triumph&logcode=p I guess it's a typo
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