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  1. yes and the position of the pick up on the base plate also contributes to the variance it all changes the trigger point on mechanical points and the electronic rotor compared to what you removed any replacement must be retimed as a matter of course electronics or any dizzy change is only fit and forget if you reset /check the basics as a first job Pete
  2. nah its to aid old codgers with a back ache from bending over to change the filter !!!!! Pete
  3. good time to give it a clean with like brake cleaner and puff some talc around the area the leak leaves a trace through the talc and locates where the oil is coming from Pete
  4. it was really Plucked pete
  5. over the fence sound more useful Pete
  6. steves on line are very useful till you geta proper one to read in the little room or the garage http://vitessesteve.co.uk/Servicemanuals
  7. you wont but it as rob says needs to be close to as per the book which is the basic static setting , there is no way of knowing if the component parts of either dizzy mimic each other as most often they are wildly different so just retime the ignition and see what that does for you Pete
  8. Pete Lewis

    Grease gun

    I Did many times Ha1 places like machine mart do a whole range of economical greasers and oilers i use two wanners one grease one oil but on the 2000 all a bit unused apart from prop and drive shaft one is was a21st birfday pressy and its still works fine after 55 years Pete
  9. dave what are you riveting ??? pete
  10. did it make a rash !!!! Pete
  11. oil leaks if its from the rear N/S its common as this is the dribble feed to the rockers a retorque of the head nuts may help .... always check the rocker cover sealing head gaskets rarely give oil in water or water in oil what you do get is combustion high pressures into the water jacket and if left the low coolant pressure drops a little inthe cylinder and you get a misfire when starting up on one cyl due to the water content please check the tappet clearances all 0.010" cold Pete
  12. i take it you have retimed the ignition after fitting the electronic unit as its going to be very different to the timing position of the old points as normally the trigger is in a different place to the cam that opens the points Pete
  13. my rules if it sticks through use it here is some data if you fancy a sleep https://www.indexfix.com/docs/ft-re-en.pdf Pete
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