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    64 cactus /black modified Vitesse 6 ,now sold, current a french blue 74 Mk2 saloon


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    mk 2 1974 2000

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About Me

Joined the club in jan 2003 when we bought the 1964 Vitesse6 and with many upgrades make a cracking noise and tanked around for many happy miles , the need for 4 doors sparked a look around at what next ,followed by an bright and cheerful Triumph 2000 Mk2 at Manvers Triumph, this was reg. 01/01/75 with only 10 miles in the past 10 years, with all MOT's but was never taxed, had a body restore in 1997 but only done 10k since then,

has a lot of shake down to complete but she's reliable so far, apart from aged braking, the servo disintegrated heading into a bus on roundabout...exciting for a moment,

now has Stag Calipers and discs with braided hoses, Jan 2015 managed to fit the Power steering kit all went well, quite an extensive upgrade but its fitted ..... wonderful !!


produced nearly 10.000 techy and banter replies on the lost form and doubt I will we get to those levels again

I was awarded member of the year in 2010 for work behind the scenes, joined Com for a few years but resigned Jan 2014 as unable to carry on with the commitments.

2018 Agm  Awarded a Special Thankyou glass trophy for Forum support and event work for long standing Duxford , I have developed a dislike for field sitting  and most Herts and Beds events will be a season of road runs with a venue, cars are for driving not parked with the bonnets up.

My background comes from 42 year in manufacturing Trucks being management for all product audits, smoke emissions,warranty ,component testing,vehicle testing tachograph calibration and lots more, hence a well founded overview of just about everything there was to take to bits, test or calibrate, everything from a screen jet to a piston ring, screen sealing to 18 speed gearboxes all had to be understood,


any questions just drop me a email from the link



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