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  1. Hi - is anybody goung to this event and do you know if you have to pre-register? There are no details on the organisers web page. Was thinking of taking my Mk1 Spitfire along as it is not too far away. Thanks Roy
  2. I had my seats refurbished and leather trimmed by Tony Archer in Huddersfield. He is reasonably priced and does full interiors including a lot of E type Jags.
  3. I have a Mk1 Spitfire with a Mk3 engine which ran very hot when I got it. I fitted radiator valances, the wider radiator, 7 blade mechanical fan and fresh coolant. No electric fan or engine bay valances and I have standard air filters. The car now runs a bit cold - just sits at the bottom of Normal even in traffic. Temp gauge doesn't get anywhere near halfway. I am now fitting a new thermostat as I suspect the previous owner tampered with it to try and keep it from overheating. I would like a bit more heat in the engine and in the cockpit! I think the condition and age of the radiator and the coolant have a lot more bearing in engine temperature than any other component or modification. I am new to TSSC and have picked up a lot of good tips from this forum - so thanks to everybody. Cheers, Roy
  4. Many thanks to Jane who gave me the photo's and measurements I needed.
  5. Hi I am new to this group and am after a bit of help. I have recently aquired a Mk1 Spitfire which has had the hood frame repaired at some time in the past. I think the legs have been replaced with some tubing but left slightly too long. When I lock the legs down in their low position it is too high. It is a real struggle to get the hood on and when it is, it is fully tensioned without having to release the sprung catches on the frame legs. Does anybody have a Mk1 or Mk2 Spitfire and could possibly measure from the peg locating slot to the base of the leg for me? I think I need to chop a bit off the legs that have been welded on and need to check what length they should really be. Many thanks Roy
  6. Hi, I have recently bought my first classic car - this 1963 Mk1 Spitfire from a chap who had it stored away for the last 7 years. It has a few issues but I am enjoying learning about the car and driving it is so much fun.
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