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    Mk1 2.5PI Estate (deceased)<br /><br />
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    Vitesse Mk2 Saloon<br /><br />
    Vitesse Mk1 Saloon<br /><br />
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    BMW R1150GS<br /><br />
    Vitesse 6 Saloon<br /><br />
    Vitesse Mk2 Convertible<br /><br />


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    1965 Vitesse 6 Saloon, 1970 Vitesse Mk2 Convertible

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  1. Hi Stratton Jimmer Any news on the gauge? Adrian
  2. Got a set on my not yet on the road Vitesse 6. Just ordered a cars worth of standard wheel studs and nuts from Canleys. The originals will have been stressed a lot over the 56 years of the cars life so time to treat it again.
  3. I restaked mine with a centre punch on the edge of the recess, not taking any chances. Adrian
  4. Silly question but you have checked the level of coolant? Temp gauges do not always work when they are not in liquid. My Spitfire had that problem once I would stick the bulb in a boiling kettle to double check it. Adrian
  5. Good to see the panel gaps are Triumph correct.🤣 Adrian
  6. Thanks for that Pete. ine is the original cut Vitesse which means my o/d gearbox has been built up for the Vit/GT6. Adrian
  7. Hi Pete What is this 'rolled not machined' you mentioned? My 6 has a 1850 3 rail J type that was sold to me many years ago as built for a Vit/GT6 The drive plate I fitted seems to fit nicely, the car has still to be driven! Are there different plates for fitting 1850 g/boxes to Vit/GT6. Can always pull the gearbox for a look but that gets a bit boring Adrian
  8. My 65 6 is still in the shed being rebuilt as it has since I was 18 38 years ago. Lockdown last year was great as I worked on it every weekday and the funny thing is still reckon 6 weeks should see it ready. It was cactus green with a black flash but I was persistently nagged to make it red which was close to the Damson Herald body that gave its life so the Vitesse would once again be on the road. I have a Dolomite 1850 J type o/d, MGF seats, Mk4 Spitfire wheels, Megajolt, twin Mikuni HSR42, Mintex 1144 pads for the Type 12s, camber compensator to go in once it is back on the road. Last century I scrapped a Mk1 2 litre saloon and at the time one of the two in NZ Mk2 saloons. It was ripe having spent many years in a paddock by a river, its mechanicals went into my Mk4 Spitfire. Photos are my 6 Saloon and Mk2 CV with a few of the parts I have collected.
  9. Cousin of this one (gender fluid)
  10. You could just rub a 🐑 over the car😊 https://www.lanoguard.nz/ This is something I could do with on my daily as the road home sometimes gets a bit salty https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/raw-wellington-drivers-navigate-debris-waves-along-battered-coastal-road This is not a bad sea Adrian
  11. ahebron

    Decibel Meter

    Yep that one
  12. ahebron

    Decibel Meter

    My dad was the boss of Lada in NZ last century. Some owners of the Niva complained of excess noise when driving the car. He took one to the DSIR (Government Science people) and they put a decibel meter through the car and found the most noise was the general area of a drivers head
  13. I would have thought those holes in the bonnet catch plate would be to allow for a lock to be added. Could it be for a Bond bonnet?
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