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  1. Left foot braking confuses modern cars especially when you try use the accelerator as well. I am on my third turbo dieseled vehicle and when you try spool the turbo up and apply a bit of brake the ECU’s disagree with each other and leave you floundering. This can be disadvantageous when attempting to exit an intersection briskly. Adrian
  2. Saveable is a pie diagram with three sections. Time, Money and Skill http://mobilemindspage.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-timeskillmoney-pie.html
  3. Thicker oils for modern cars are hard to come by. VW for example specs Envire+5-30W with all the additives required for modern emission standards. As these cars are getting up in mileage the engines start to wear but a thicker weight oil that matches what the manufacturer states does no exist. Unless oil companies come up with thicker oils then these cars will be scrapped which is the car manufacturers ultimate plan. Or owners remove emissions devices and run dirty and potentially illegal vehicles. Adrian
  4. You can’t mention that and not explain how you did it! Adrian
  5. Clutter needs to be refreshed other wise it gets stale and we can then find things we misplaced. By clearing your bench therefore refreshing the clutter we have a chance to newly misplace items and spend hours trying to find them but in doing so we come across other items we had forgotten about. I think the modern interpretation of this is when we start to research something on the internet and then fall down a rabbit hole and find ourselves looking at stuff we never knew existed.
  6. Never apologise for a cluttered work bench. It is in its natural state. Adrian
  7. Very clever. At first glance (0530 in the morning) I wondered why you used a hammer as the handle and surely it would hit the bench. Second glance how does the string rotate it when it is pulling on the same shaft. After brain starts to work it all become nice and clear, and I do like the sort of fleet control string tensioner.
  8. Calling International Rescue I will get my coat😏
  9. I was working on a job in the 90's and the art dept guy decided to make a big bang at lunch time so was mixing some black powder in the back of his truck that was facing slightly downhill. This was ok but the tab he had in his mouth dropped hot ash into the blackpowder causing it to explode which fired bits of timber into the almost empty cans of avgas in the front of the truck which then caught fire. It was a bit messy and we all stopped work for the afternoon.
  10. i think the trick was to spray oil underneath then drive down a dusty road to seal it in place till next year. At least that's what they used to do in NZ where there was plenty of metal roads. You dad obviously didn't own a Triumph as we all know they do it automatically. Adrian
  11. Probably this https://www.tap-die.com/index.html Adrian
  12. Slightly off topic but did anyone scroll down to look at the other cars for sale. The German 1971 Mk2 Vitesse is after good money.
  13. I am 6ft 5 so the only sitting in the back is me when I am driving☺️ Adrian
  14. If you get rid of the pound symbol and put in NZ dollar that is the same price my dads Mk1 2l convertible last sold for. It was sold by the owner who bought it from my dad a few years back, it has few of my parts on it! I know what mistakes I made on that car to not remake on my own🤥 Adrian
  15. Thats new to me! Thankfully they got rid of it for the Vitesse! Adrian
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