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  1. I recall being in the UK on holiday in 2000 during the fuel tanker drivers strike. Rolling blokes on the motorways, farmers and trucks blocking the town centres and huge queues at the fuel stations. Kendall was hilarious as the 'blockade' came round every 10 minutes as they didnt have enough vehicles. The paranoia when you saw more than 2 trucks together on the motorways was interesting as they might do a rolling block. We travelled in a rented 21ft wobblybox so fueled up whenever we could
  2. Many years ago on a job down south we had to do a late evening relocate to our accommodation a few hours away. Got to the pub we were staying at to be greeted by a very drunk publican who told us we were a day late and he had got a stripper in the night before for us. Dodged a bullet with that one thank god but he didnt have enough rooms for the six of us but we managed to make do, one in the bus out back, one in his daughter room (she was in the nearest city for a few days) and nthe rest of us in rooms of sorts. Anyway the next morning as we all get to our trucks the grip had a very dead duck in full flight wedged in the grill of his F350 truck, poor thing would have got a horrid shock getting that truck stuck up its arse.
  3. If you have access to old Triumph door locks or probably any BL car of the 60s-70s then you should be able to get pins. I just had a b ox full of old Triumph locks I had collected over far too many years.
  4. You can take the tumbler out and redo the pins to match your lock. I have key matched my Vitesse 6 so all locks (I added a lock to the passenger door) and ign are the same key but I had a large selection of the various locks to choose from. I believe the locks only have 3 different sizes of pins in a lock. Adrian
  5. ahebron

    SU fuel pump

    My dad has a 1935 car that came with a SU pump mounted on the bulkhead, standard fitment when new. Nothing modern about those new fangled Morris Minors Adrian
  6. A good friend of mine has his third TR6 which is actually his first one that he has bought back and rebuilt the bodywork. During its absence from him it has been converted to 2.7 litres and other racing bits and bobs, it is still PI In his quest to convert it to a fast road car he purchased an overdrive box that was sold as suitable for a TR6, this was few years ago. Deciding to fit it during our latest lockdown he fitted it to the car and filled it with oil which proceeded to leak out from various points. Onto the computer and order some gaskets and seals from Rimmers and wait for them to cross the world for delivery. Parts arrive and gearbox removal and stripdown are undertaken, then I got a phone call asking me about Type A overdrives. I wasnt very helpful but Google was It appears that overdrive is from a Triumph 2000 saloon which has 4 springs in the overdrive clutch versus the Triumph 2500/TR6 that has 8 springs. I passed this onto my miffed friend and said I would ask about this around the forums. I will assume that a 2000 saloon overdrive Type A would be fine for a 2500 or normal tune TR6 but with this having a big bore engine the torque might be a bit much. But what do the forum think? The suck it and see approach could be a painful experience as it would involve removing and dismantling the gearbox again. Is it possible to upgrade the 4 springs to stronger items or does he have to bite the bullet and buy an 8 spring peg ring and the springs. Sometimes our Triumphs keep on wanting to be tragedies. Adrian
  7. https://www.petes-tools.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxXJMrJGwiREvg99zXaNbnQ Sit back with your favourite drink and enjoy Pete and his tools. This is a strong Kiwi accent and he is a character so you might need to watch the videos a few times till your ear gets accustomed. I found his videos when looking for Plasma cutter info on Youtube Adrian
  8. Back before local roads had tarseal it was very common in NZ for locals to spray the old engine oil on the car undersides then drive on the local gravel roads, the dust would seal the oil to the chassis till the next year. This would have been up to the late 60s'. When I was a wee-un the pit in our garage in the NE of England would freeze up in winter.
  9. Do you need 'fat bastards' to do this on a GT6 or is that only for Herald/Vitesse
  10. Lets introduce a Jaguar to a Triumph. And the last Innsbruck "We did our best with the Princess but in our eyes it would never be a Triumph"
  11. I do like the electric window kit. Has anyone fitted anything similar to a Vitesse or Herald? The one fitted to the TR6 is a Spal kit. Adrian
  12. I found my copy of 'From Cotton to Cars 1965-1998' After spending a week looking for it and accusing everyone I could think of it was the first book I removed from the bookcase when looking for Vitesse books. As can be seen it was not uncommon for different brands to be on the line at one time. The best reference for photos would be from https://collection.nelsonmuseum.co.nz/explore They have a photo of my dad scratching his nose while standing next to Prince Philip, it went all round the world. I have uploaded a photo of the production figures
  13. It sure is crazy what being in lockdown again does to people.
  14. Bring an old post to life. My deceased Mk1 2.5 PI Estate would loose number 6 cylinder on occasion and no matter how I adjusted the valves it was always a bit tappety. On investigation the adjuster screw had a balled foot out to one side that would dislocate the pushrod. Replace the screw and all was good. Engine was the correct one for the car but i have no idea what work was done it before I bought it.
  15. Great find Roger and very pleasing to find a simple issue I must admit to installing a distributor on a Triumph 6 180 degrees out but I just rotated the leads on the cap. One of the worst cars I experienced for setting up the timing had a magneto and the manual stated set the flywheel to a MAG mark and then points just opening (cigarette paper test). To access the flywheel a section of floor and a cover on the bell housing had to be removed and then use mirrors to see the mark and have someone turning the engine. This engine had no external rotating components apart from the magneto drive and that was off the gear driven generator which had 60 bevelled teeth to choose from which meant it had 59 chances to be wrong. A later manual stated that some flywheels had incorrect marking so in the end it was use common sense
  16. And if I bothered to look it up I would have found it! Even Wikipedia mentions it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_Vitesse#Vitesse_2-Litre I have a pair of brand new bolt on Mikuni HSR42 carbs to have play with on my 6, always got the option of the orginal but tired Stromberg 150s to fall back on. Might work, might not but will be a bit of fun and can rebuild the Stroms if needed. Yes the 1600 spins up so much better then the 2 litre Adrian
  17. Pete I see you state 82hp for the Strombergs. I was always aware these had a power increase over the Solex but where did you find that figure? I have never seen Triumph release anything other 70 for the 6 range. Thanks Adrian
  18. Somewhere I have the book written about the Nelson plant that made BL cars. It is now the site of Nelson Classic Car Museum and was also the site of The World Of Wearable Arts Museum till the first Covid lockdown in 2020 The paint shop site is a Mitre 10 Mega hardware https://photonews.org.nz/nelson/issue/NPN67_19660528/t1-body-d24.html The factory was famous for its dirt floor. Triumphs built at that factory had a prefix 3 and a few Vitesse were built and are rare. I think they also built the last of the Innsbruck Triumphs here in NZ, finished production after the rest of the world in March 1979. NZ cars had slight differences to UK cars one obvious being the door timbers always had screws through them into the steel and some under bonnet panel differences. Daimlers were built as Jags then taken out back to a shed in which they removed Jag bits and replaced them with the correct Daimler parts. They also built Hondas till the late 90s A bit more here https://www.aronline.co.uk/around-the-world/around-the-world-new-zealand/ Like Australia New Zealand has no car assembly but we lost ours before 2000. When I was looking for an apprenticeship in the early 80s I wanted to be a tool maker so went round the local car plants looking for a job, we had 4 in the Hutt Valley. Ford, GM, Motorcorp (BL) and Todds (Roots, Chrysler and Mitsubishi) and Todds second plant in Porirua Never got an offer so became a sparky. The first Avatar film was predominantly shot in the Todd Motors Mitsubishi plant in Porirua. The Ford factory was rumoured to have been designed for its site in Lower Hutt Dearborn Michigan. It was built facing south.🤔 Part of the Avatar sequels were filmed in a shed out the back of the old Ford factory in Lower Hutt an edited bit. I forgot to mention we also had a GM plant in Upper Hutt which is up the valley from Lower Hutt. It was next to the Dunlop factory. I believe part of Peter Jackson King Kong was filmed there. Adrian
  19. Reading the post about 1200 temp gauge senders reminded me of this one. Any news?
  20. Hi Pete. You can get Mintex 1144 pads for the type 12. I mentioned I bought some on here a wee while ago. I have heard of crazy issues with Aussie asbestos rules, I think the Maseratis made the global news. Many years ago a friend took his Stag back to Oz from NZ thinking it would be a cheap way to go as it was sold new in Australia. Cost him an arm and a leg once it arrived there.
  21. I would like to put a high stop in/on the stainless trim across the top of the rear window. As my car is still in bits it is something I can look at and I have a few spare trims Adrian
  22. With LEDs the chips will last for many hours but the little electronic components that keep them happy are the weak links. A couple of months ago I replaced 100 light MR16 halogens with LED drivers and lamps in a customers house, they are hoping for a bit of power bill reduction. That was a lot of ladder time for me 50 watt down to 10 watt should see some change in the bill if they turn all the lights on at once
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