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  1. Thank you to all who have replied to my post. I have ordered a seal from Canleys. Hopefully this will be of decent quality. The cylinder itself is bright and shiny and Girling, which swung my decision. A good idea would be to tidy up the bulkhead at the time,-- good suggestion. I won't have to worry about the brake fluid issue as I have used silicone fluid since rebuilding the car 30 years ago. The first filling lasted 16 years!!! Cheers, Ray.
  2. Ray H

    Fuel tank

    Many thanks to all those who have replied. I have ordered a new Herald tank from Fitchetts. I reasoned that a repair, knowing my luck, would result in the tank springing a leak somewhere, probably around the awful drain area. The smaller tank will afford more boot space and there are plenty of filling stations on the way to the shows. I always carry a fuel can anyway. If anyone wants a sound Vitesse tank, give me a shout, its free if you want it, just pick it up. Cheers, Ray.
  3. Although the brakes work very well on my Vitesse, there appears to be a slight leak from the master seals as the pedal is always damp with brake fluid. The cylinder was brand new some years ago. Where can I get a service kit for the master cylinder? Regards, Ray.
  4. Ray H

    Fuel tank

    Can anyone out there recommend a source of replacement fuel tanks for the Herald/Vitesse? Although mine does not leak, the end of the filler neck has distorted to the extent the cap is a very poor fit and discharges fuel particularly when full. The car is a Vitesse, but I would prefer a Herald item to allow the extra space in the boot. Regards, Ray.
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