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  1. Hi Clarke44, I ended up running 175/70's on 5j's on my Vitesse, and couldn't be happier. I got the longer studs from Jigsaw Racing. (70-odd quid, but worth it). I got a set of Yokohama Blue Earth tyres from BlackCircles.com for silly money. Hope that helps?
  2. Thanks for the tips ????
  3. Thanks Pete. I will look to rebuild the dizzy as a project. Have ordered an accuspark replacement in the meantime, as I need the car running. Here's a pic:
  4. Thanks Pete. I will look to rebuild the dizzy as a project. Have ordered an accuspark replacement in the meantime, as I need the car running. Here's a pic:
  5. Thanks Pete. Update. Looks like there was wear on the dizzy main shaft, as it has now sheared! If anyone can spare a cheap lucas 22d6 dizzy, please let me know!
  6. Hi all. I have a tappet-type noise on the Vitesse, but it's not coming from the rockers. Having listened to the engine running with a screwdriver to my ear (!), I am sure the noise is coming from the dizzy (amplified through the block). The car is running fine otherwise. I would appreciate a bit of wisdom before I go any further. Dizzy endfloat against the cam? Loose/broken bobweight springs? I would be grateful for any insight you can offer. Thanks (as always!) Froc
  7. Thanks fellas. I was aware of the U bend requirement but it was nigh on impossible to achieve in the available space. Had this setup for a year now with no problems, but I will have another think about the U bend. As an aside, after running with the vac gauge for a few days, I have decided I need to damp the airflow a bit (twitchy needle is irritating!). Going to fit an adjustable fishtank airline valve to the vac pipe at the weekend, which should do the trick.
  8. Hi all. Just to follow up on this. I have now fitted the vacuum gauge, and it works a treat. I tapped into the brake servo (as per the pic I have tried to attach). Reinforced plastic pipe and Tee Piece from "Advanced Fluid Solutions" for less than a tenner! Their website is well worth a look, lots of useful stuff. Thanks again for all the input ???? Froc
  9. Thanks for all the input on this Guys. Plenty for me to consider. Spacers are sadly not an option for me. My Vit has a 2000s manifold, SU's and K&N's. Clearance to the RH inner wheelarch is very tight, and spacers would push the manifold out too far. Glad to hear that Dougbgt6 is already running the setup I am considering. ????
  10. Thanks as always, Pete ????
  11. Morning all. I am considering fitting a vacuum gauge to the Vitesse (Recent alternator conversion has made the Ammeter redundant, so am needing something to fill the hole in the dash!). My manifold take-off is already feeding my brake servo, so I was thinking of 'tee-ing' into the servo rubber pipe to feed the Ammeter. Has anyone done this (or similar?). Can anyone recommend a supplier of suitable tee-pieces? Thanks as always. Froc. Ps- I already have a Voltmeter fitted ????
  12. Hi all I've just fitted a set of minilite alloys and 175/70/R13's to my Vitesse. I would be grateful for any wisdom about tyre pressures, and front tracking settings. Many thanks Froc
  13. Hi all. I've completed the alt. conversion on my Vitesse, and just wanted to share a bit of learning. I used the Rimmer-supplied kit, which is billed as suitable for all sports 6 cars. All went well in the main, but I had an issue with the spacer they supplied (part no. 147472). This spacer is 1cm too short for the Vitesse (and probably the GT6 too), preventing the alt from aligning with the crank and water pump. The correct spacer is part no. 147483 (which is 1cm longer). After discussion, Rimmers sent me the correct spacer, and all is now well. Disappointingly, they charged me for it (!), when in fact the error was theirs. Only £3 or so, but a bit naff on their part IMHO. Anyways, please note the need for a different spacer for the Vitesse (& likely the GT6). Cheers Froc
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