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  1. I've been trying to track a leak on my Vitesse, dripping from the rear edge of the sump bottom of the bell housing. There was a tiny amount of oil weeping from the oil filter tracking along the edge of the sump around to the rear edge. That's been cured but there's still a small amount of oil coming from somewhere. I started from the rocker cover down. I do have a small leak rear corner of head, spark plug side, but no evidence it's tracking down between the block and back plate. So in my case it is either leaking from the rear of sump gasket, or possibly from somewhere on the back of the engine. Its a tiny leak, but want to cure if before the interior goes back in. Suffering with bad back last few weeks so works been on hold, as there's a fair amount of work involved removing a sump on a Vitesse.
  2. Waiting for a reply from TFL from an email I sent, I decided to give their advisers another call. Spoke to a knowledgable helpful gent. He talked me through a different way to check if my car is exempt, which involved going through a link as if I wanted to make a payment. It then showed that my Vitesse didn't need to make payment to use the ULEZ, there is no tick in the box next to ULEZ charge, only the congestion charge box is checked. Bit paranoid going this route as I didn't want to inadvertently click on something that committed me to make a payment. Tried to explain that their vehicle checker was saying the opposite. He thought I was looking at the checker through a third party site and directed me to the TFL.gov.uk site, which I was on. It showed payment was needed for ULEZ using the checker, but for some reason the same page would not load on his computer. He went away and made enquires and said that the site was in the process of updates and this could be the reason I was getting this information, but assured me my Historic Vitesse is exempt from the ULEZ. I'll revisit the site in a couple of weeks to see if the checker is working correctly, but for now, panic over.
  3. I just emailed TFL also.
  4. Hi all As I live close to the proposed ULEZ extension I used their online checker for my 1968 gt6 and 1970 Vitesse, both registered as historic vehicles. It showed that a ULEZ charge applies to both vehicles of £12.50. At the bottom of the page it says 'Discounts and exemptions will only show when you're signed in. I contacted TFL and asked the adviser why their vehicle checker showed that my two historic vehicles need to pay the ULEZ charge as I believed historic vehicles are exempt. There was silence for a few minuites while he checked. He suggested that I had best contact TFL and send proof of the vehicle details, V5C etc. I presume. If historic vehicles are exempt from ULEZ then it should show on their vehicle checker. All the details they have of the cars are correct, presumably they use DVLA records, so it shouldn't be up to me to prove its historic. Its worrying, as I can imagine being sent a penalty notice, and then trying to fight through the bureaucracy to get the charge dropped. Maybe it just my vehicles, anybody checked if their classic is shown as exempt from the ULEZ charge? When I put in the details of a car known to be ULEZ exempt it only shows that one charge applies and gives details of the congestion charge. I think I will call again and speak to someone else who may be more informed.
  5. Hi From a distant memory, I think the gaiter is usually stapled to a piece of black card slightly curved to follow the tunnel and I think screwed on each corner to the floor. The gaiter then pops through the hole in the carpet.
  6. Hi all Owned my mk2 gt6 for about 18 years, somewhere along the line, or possibly it came with the car, I have an extra board that is shaped, I believe, to cover the area where an occasional seat back would usually fold flat when not in use, and to extend the load area. This board would have the same effect, by covering the area behind the front seats. I was wondering how it would have originally fitted. Presumably there would be brackets attached to the inner wheel wells for the board to sit on. Any one got one fitted? Thanks
  7. You have achieved a lot in a short time! Getting me motivated to start on mine. Looking good.
  8. I used a ready meal bowl as the base to take a fibreglass cast from. I extended the top edge with a return so that it could be pushed through the hole from the front and sealed with silcone. Yup, for a car alarm. I have an FIA type cut out on the vitesse which caused all sorts of issues. The only answer was to run an independent circuit, switches and siren for the alarm.
  9. I recently fitted a stereo and speakers to my Vitesse. The car had never had a radio fitted in its life and I initially fitted the speakers under the dash as I was reluctant to cut the door cards. I knew I was loosing sound quality as it sounded like the speakers where shut in a cupboard, when under the dash, but came to life when held top front of doors. I knew all Heralds and Vitesse's have a hole cut in the door behind the card, not sure if they were intended for speakers. Two things that concerned me, speakers getting wet, and how to route the wires. To keep the speakers dry I made a couple of fiberglass pods and sealed them to the door shell. I didn't want to risk the speaker wire getting chopped, and I couldn't see a way of doing that by going anywhere near the hinges, door check strap, courtesy light area. Instead I went in through the side. Tricky as once I committed and made a hole, I came up against a structure inside, not sure what but continued drilling, being careful not to catch any wires that may have been there. Lots and lots of fiddling and poking around cursing and almost giving up, I managed to feed the speaker wires under the dash. The speaker wire is a flexible type I bought from Halfords. As the door opens the wire peels away. The holes and grommets allow the wire to slide slightly. The hole in the bulk head is slightly higher than the one in the door so hopefully any rain water will run down the wire and into the door and not the foot well. I also had to be careful where to drill the hole as it can be seen in the gap between the front edge of the door and bonnet, this is acceptable to me, but maybe not to others Time will tell if its a good idea or not, if it doesn't last I can just plug the holes with grommets and have a rethink.
  10. Mark B

    Who is bidding?

    Didn't realise Honeyborne had made a hard top with the quarter lights. Most of the roofs I've seen had only the rear window, so assumed the quarter lights were a DIY mod.
  11. Mark B

    Who is bidding?

    Probably whoever is bidding lives close enough to collect. By the time you add postage, rubbers, perspex, paint, I've seen complete ones go for less than £200 in the past year.
  12. Pleased you have got it sorted. Top end sounds like a sewing machine, sweet, worth all the effort. Regarding allergies, a several years ago I developed some food allergies, all nuts, radish, some spices, cheeks swelled up like a squirrel. Skin test also showed iam allergic to peaches, pineapple, tomatoes, and several others, although i still eat tomatoes most days with no obvious symptons. Mark
  13. I've fitted a few screens, the last in a Vitesse. Prior to that a mk2 gt6. I used a windscreen rubber sealent on the gt6, but after a couple of years noticed rusty water marks around the seal. When peeled back on the edges the screen surround was festering with rust. The screen surround had been primed and repainted prior to installing the new screen rubber. The rust was exstensive and in a much worst state than before the screen had been fitted. I think the screen sealant I used had reacted with the paint, trapping moisture and allowing rust to fester under the newly painted screen surround. I used rattle cans, so cellulose or equivalent. I removed the screen, repaired, primed and painted again but this time didn't use any screen sealant, and it's been fine for the last five years or so, no noticeable leeks. When fitting the Vitesse screen a year or so ago, I decided to fit without a sealant, ad I was concerned about paint reaction. Seems leak free up to now. I am pretty sure the factory would have used a sealant as found evidence when removing old rubbers. If I find that there are any leaks in future I would be careful to make sure whatever I used was compatible with the painted surface I was applying it to.
  14. I thought the mk2 gt6 had plastic covers over the spokes or did I dream it?
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