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  1. Oops! Pleased you got sorted though! Derek.
  2. A daft question, if it's still on the car have you tried to unscrew it with the engine hot?Also, very often when something won't unscrew, if you try to tighten it ever so slightly it can crack the bond between the two items. It needs care because, of course, there is a chance that it will shear... you'll get it though, I'm sure. Derek.
  3. Absolutely Pete, at risk of nagging on the subject, I spent the best part of my working life in the chemical industry ( including working on a plant that generated and processed hydrogen at 300 bar pressure but that's thread drift... ) and the expression used - introduced by the trade unions- was CYBAT! Cover Your Back at All Times! Derek.
  4. For what it's worth I put my application for the Historic Vehicle Status in at our local post office as soon as I could in April, the guy did warn me that there was a backlog back then. It actually took over 12 weeks to come through and the refund arrived a few days later. Apparently the DVLA are experiencing a perfect storm and it's not the people "on the shop floor" there's fault, they are trying to catch up... As for MOT's, I'm definitely on the side of it HAS to be done as an independent safety check. I wouldn't like to be standing in a court of law in front of a barrister trying to convince him that the brakes were fine, honestly... Previously my MOT was due in February ( for March ) and I've just had it re-done this week to move it to a time of year where it's more comfortable for working on. Also, should you decide to sell, isn't a MOT trail a plus-point?
  5. The plates definitely go underneath the chassis, hope this helps. Derek.
  6. David, going back a few years, I posted the same question and ended up fitting the spacer/washer to my 1500 Spitfire as I was convinced that it was missing, for some reason... at the time I was having a juddering at odd times when reversing. I don't do many miles but after a while I noticed the back end of the car was down on the passenger side. To cut a long story short I ended up taking it back off and had to replace the mounting rubbers as the left hand side were crushed, this levelled the car back up again. One of those times when I wished I'd left it alone... Just my experience, don't know if it will help! Derek.
  7. Sorry guys,the delay wasn't intentional, we had to go and meet our newborn grandson, our first. An absolutely magical moment! Anyhow, apparently it's at least 50 years old and is a Sward Hardness Rocker, a very delicate instrument. You counted the number of oscillations until it stopped and that told you the hardness of the material being tested, glass being 100%. (There must be more to it than that but Google will fill in the gaps in this info.) Apparently they're still made and used but are now digital.
  8. Good morning, that was a good suggestion John, I've just had an email back off the Sheen Industrial Physics Department and it's a...
  9. Hello John, I've had a look at that and there is a contact in the UK on the website. I've fired off an email, we'll see how it goes and thanks for that! Derek.
  10. Mark, it was in an old building that was being cleared out for demolition, it had been part workshop and part stores for a LOT of years. The company I worked for bought the building in the 1940s, it had been built during the First World War for the coal industry.
  11. Ps scrapman, sorry, the only thing on the box is the Sheen name/badge.
  12. Thanks for your interest guys, genuinely, I haven't a clue what it is or how old it is either! Here's another pic where hopefully you can gauge the size better and see the label. Also, there's an L-shaped "stop" for the swinging needle. The factory where I'd spent the best part of my working life closed and I was one of the last to leave in 2005, this item got mixed up with my tools when I brought them home...
  13. Length of the rear wheel studs and a flat front tyre?
  14. Hello John, its the front grey pointer that swings, very freely too... Derek.
  15. Hello, I'm just doing some prep work with my car stuff ready for moving house and came across this, not for use on a car I know, but I've always wondered exactly what it is! It's made by Sheen instruments of Richmond, Surrey. Do you know? Derek.
  16. derekskill


    Thanks for that Iain, as you say, that is truly amazing!
  17. Just having a late look at the club site, thankyou for sharing this DVD... yes, it's scary and a wake-up call for all of us... There's some strange people out there, no doubt, but I'm convinced that they're outnumbered by the people that have good intentions, I'm sure. Keep this thread going and let us know how you are doing. I'm not qualified to offer you any advice but I do know that this club is a brilliant means of talking to like-minded people and it really does help when things get tough. Derek.
  18. I enjoyed that programme Paul, very interesting to see, thanks for highlighting it! Derek.
  19. Thanks for that Paul, it looks very interesting! (I've set the VHS up with a new Maxell tape...)
  20. It's odd when you're looking at something and a word or phrase seems to jump off the page... Westcliffe on Sea features in the history of my Spitfire, namely the Southend Motor and Aero Co. Ltd. I've never been able to find any information or photos of it unfortunately but would love to be able to see what it was like.
  21. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Some feedback regarding this thread... I've finally got round to fitting a set of W7DTC's and have to say there IS a noticeable all-round improvement. First off, I was able to push the choke in quicker after setting off, no engine "hunting"; the car is definitely smoother, it pulls better and tickover is smoother too. Well worth doing and thankyou all once again for the advice. The other point to make is about "The Green Spark Plug Company ", absolutely brilliant to deal with, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, outstanding service!
  22. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Spot on, thankyou Iain, Nigel and all, for your replies! It will be interesting to see how this works out, it's certainly worth a try. Derek.
  23. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    P.s. scrapman, do you regap them or just fit them as they are, please? They look as though regapping would be tricky!
  24. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Thankyou one and all for all the advice, very much appreciated! The gspark website is fantastic, I've ordered a set of W7DTC's to try and I've finally found a supplier for an oddball size for a 2-stroke strimmer belonging to 'Er indoors. (She bought it at B+Q but surprisingly they don't stock any spares.) Derek.
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