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  1. Thanks guys I have purchased some from ANG Classic parts (not tried them before) £5.67 each but much much better quality than the lesser priced Rimmer option. They have gone in well and seem to be a good fit all-round. Test drive tonight!!!! Regars Gary
  2. Thanks Andrew, I wonder if they can still be purchased! I would have further investigated but have now gone down the long routed avenue and replaced the pump housing etc (luckily had a free of charge spare given to me). Appreciate the additional information for future reference. All the best to you Gary
  3. Thanks Pete, I think I should have hit the forum before undertaking what I thought would be a simple job, that's classics eh! Regards Gary
  4. Thanks Paul, I will give them a go. Regards Gary
  5. Dam Dam Dam!!!!! Didn't think about leaving them in Pete, that would have supported the poorer new ones too! Just ordered some more so will have another go but slightly frustrating for just a little tiny wiggle on the steering!! Regards Gary
  6. Luvin the new look and improvements, thumbs up
  7. Hi all Has anybody found any decent steering column bushes on the market? Having just had the battle of a life time removing the old (for MOT advisory on the top one), fitting the new ones has also proved a challenge only to find the side tabs broken whilst fitting and frankly, I've little confidence that the plastic inserts staying in place for long, once I've managed to get them in!! Such a shame to remove such a good quality OEM part (albeit, very 'slightly' warn) and have to replace with a 'nasty' part I got the replacements from Rimmer's and understand there is one main producer of this type for most suppliers but wondered if anybody has found a better quality replacement? Thank you. Gary
  8. Hi Andrew I'm glad I'm not the only one, I'm not sure either, my thoughts were exactly the same as yours, ''not sure what to make of it''!! as a Herald owner (early restoration) I thought it may have been a useful watch but not to be. I may give the show another chance this week. Gary
  9. Problem solved The spare pump housing works a treat once cleaned up (a bit of luck having that lying around), engine warms up much quicker now that it has a thermostat, as expected. Also have a spare sensor hole if I come to need an electric fan now. I do have a problem with water loss now though so am getting some temperature rises on a run, is it right that a bad fitting rad cap can cause issues? I seem to have pressure leaking out of the cap which makes a sound similar to a stuck horn and the only place I can see water coming out is the overflow pipe? Any thoughts? Many thanks Gary
  10. Thanks John, I will check them both for costings tomorrow. Much appreciated. Gary
  11. Many thanks Paul and Clive, I will weigh up the two options so far, find the most cost effective way. Regards Gary
  12. Hi guys 'IF' one was to break the cable/pipe on the mechanical Smiths temperature gauge sender unit, would one be in the proverbial?!!! It dousnt look like a replaceable or repairable part but has anybody had any experience or am I the only idiot Thank you and yes, very bruised from the self kicking!!!!!!! Gary
  13. Thanks Colin That's another option as until your post, I wasn't sure about the electric sender option! Also, I wondered why the later pump housing had two tapped threads so thanks for clearing that up for me, with the electric fan output as well, may be worth me installing the later housing as I have one and if it all comes off reasonably easy (after Pete's warning of shearing!) Many thanks Gary
  14. Thanks Pete I did wonder if that might be a risk, hopefully I will have a bit of luck with that, thanks for the heads-up. Yep, baking soda and toothy brushy it is. Thanks again Gary
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