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  1. Hey guys, For those who haven't been following my other thread I have been in the market for my first classic and the first one I was after turned out to be a bit of a bummer! I've since spotted a lovely mid 60's Herald and am looking at viewing this morning (short notice I know) I was wondering if anyone local and experienced in what to look out for would like to come along and give me a hand. I'm happy to give a bit of money for the privilege Regards Simon
  2. I didn't David no, I should have but was wondering if that's just how a 50 year old car sounded! I was hoping to go away and have a friend of mine whos worked with classics all his life as mechanic and provider to tv/film production have a listen but he decided to go quiet on me, grr! It lead me here to you guys though so that's quite a silver lining! Im being careful what I put out publicly online but I think had I of asked I wouldn't have received such a forthcoming answer as you would offer in that situation David, that certainly seemed the case with the mentioned oil leak which warranted an "oh is there an oil leak?" response haha. Im certainly going to be a lot more inquizitive in future, just dont want to come across as a newbie. At the moment Im feeling rather frustrated looking over eBays completed listing and seeing some nice clean examples with full MOT's and history selling around £1600-£1800 - Something will turn up eventually Im sure!
  3. Hey guys, thanks again for all your support, it's much appreciated! I've come across a nice little mid 60's herald 1200 saloon and it looks just as lovely as the 1300's (if not nicer ) I know Pete's already mentioned they're very good on parts, presumably that includes the early models are as well? I see on the tssc main site the rough price guideline is 1600-2400 good - excellent. Think id quite happily pay up to around the 2k mark if it looks as nice in person (seller has advised there's one or two patches of paint work needing a little spruce up) Only thing that scares me is the 39BHP engine I think coming up to roundabouts I might be sat waiting till it's absolutely clear to pull out -Simon
  4. Thank you for all your input guys, gave me the much needed kick up the back side I needed really. In my gut alarm bells were ringing but I was almost bartering myself into it for the sake of having something rare and unique. In the end the item sold for £1850 and low and behold a number of days later I've just had a text saying the buyer has refused to pay and take the car away and do I want it for that price. Admittedly I saw a '67 on eBay sold items (the one I was watching was a '66) in better nick with history confirming miles which went for £1660 so wouldn't have dreamed of going over that anyway. If I was a bit more mechanically experienced I might make and offer but perhaps best off waiting it out till something already spot on comes up, as previously suggested. So for parts etc sake, Im better off with RWD versions? If so, how does the spitfire compare to them for part availability and such? Thats one of the first classics I saw as a younger lad at auction with dad and its stole my heart I get a bit scared of soft tops though as Id guess theyd be a bugger to deal with if damaged or not 100%. I've had a long running dream of having a classic with the roof down to take up int' dales int' summa forra spin
  5. Price is at £1600, has just passed MOT but mileage unconfirmed (shows 11k), only docs with it are a V5 and a MOT certificate. Really struggling to value it but starting to think its probably not worth that amount Admittedly my mechanical knowledge is pretty limited, if existent at all, but would love to learn. Not particularly sure where to go from here
  6. Hi all, Adamant on becoming a classic car driver / enthusiast and found a nice 50year old triumph 1300 FWD within budget. Been to view it, needs a bit of TLC cosmetically but undergone a decent amount of mechanical works and it's just passed an MOT no advisories. My only real concern is the way the engine sounded, there was quite an obvious clattering sound which grew as the car accelerated. I'd be grateful if you could see the attached video and give me any idea of if I should be concerned as a first time buyer of a classic about this kinda noise. Is it normal or a serious underlying condition? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqOQTXzJW2o&feature=youtu.be My only other concern was looking up into the engine bay from under the car, there was some oil present on the front of the engine, I was with the guy with several hours though and none ever dripped down to the floor, so uncertain if this is an old issue. Appreciate its not the best angled photo but the best I could do I'm very appreciative of any help and hopefully in the next few days I might have myself a cracking piece of history and become an active member of the forum (y) Regards -Si
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