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  1. It's been a little while since I updated this but that doesn't mean things have ground to a halt. The main thing that happened is the engine. For a fair few months now I've been battling with a very irritating noise, to cut a long story short I discovered a lack of oil pressure so out come the engine for a tear down and assessment, Whipped the head off and all seemed pretty normal, removed the sump and number 1 big end cap revealed this That might explain my loss of oil pressure! Dropped it all of at the machine shop around 3 weeks ago. Chased it up this morning and the news isn't good! He's said I'd better off finding a replacement crank and the bores need an additional 20 thou taking off them too which is fine however nowhere seems to have stock of +40 pistons. So I'm in a bit of a pickle as you can imagine. I know Moss sell recon cranks however I'm thinking it'll be more cost effective to find a replacement engine and use all of my good bits on that instead. What's your opinion? In other news I've stripped the boot lid and doors back to bare metal ready for paint, also I'm having the bonnet acid dipped after all of the local blasting companies refused the work I'm expecting that back next week so we shall see what I'm left with! And finally we have some sad news. If you've been following this thread you may remember a good mate of mine helped with starting the engine and also fitting the windscreen, unfortunately he passed away after a very short fight with cancer 3 weeks ago so RIP John Slater 22/5/21
  2. Well I've had a listen today with my stethoscope and cannot put my finger on this noise! To be honest I've got to the point now where I'm just going to leave it and focus on sorting other things out before it goes back to have the rest of the panels painted. It's running nicely after a fiddle with the carbs and pulls really well so hopefully the engine is strong and whatever is rattling around will eventually fall off and the noise will go haha. Many thanks for all the advice it has been invaluable! I know this isn't the right page but I'm in need of some richer fuel needles as I can't get these ABT 1s rich enough when trying to set the mixture. Specs are stainless tubular manifold, foam filters, mk3 profile cam, head skim (if that'll make any difference) what would you guys recommend based on experience? Also will the dashpot springs need changing too?
  3. Haven't had the chance to take a look as I've been working and the weather has been awful. Will have another listen around with my stethoscope later on. I know the fuel pump lever arm is in the right place but I'll still listen anyway. Something that has been previously mentioned is piston slap which has gotten into my mind however I would've thought I'd have seen that on the bores when the head come off 🤔
  4. Just had a little play around with no joy I'm afraid. @Pete Lewis just tried to push the gearstick into all 4 gears without the clutch which made no difference unfortunately. @Iain T I've previously ran with no belt (runs so smooth amazing what a difference it can make) again no different also listened with the stethoscope all seemed normal. To check my theory of mixture I backed off the fast idle screws so the revs wouldn't increase when the choke was pulled. Drove it around my close (clocked up a mile now aha) and only made a difference on full choke which is when it ran rough (expected) I did also hold the revs right up (3k) and you could hear a slight noise then too then it was tick tick tick tick as the revs come back down. Thought that was enough for the neighbours and put it away
  5. Yeah thats why I took the sump off to reassure myself like you say its annoying but nothing major which is a plus!
  6. Also just going to throw in an odd ball here when driving with the choke out there's no noise at all and pulls even better but as soon as you push it back in again you get the tick tick tick tick as you let off. It's running standard needles and I am aware I need to run some richer needles so maybe the fueling being too lean could cause an issue? I could be talking nonsense though
  7. Well think it's about time I updated this. Finally manged to get some free time to reassemble the engine replacing the cam followers, pushrod all the gaskets etc. I thought beens I had to drain the oil anyway I'd whip the sump off and inspect the bearings, all seemed normal with no signs of any wear and the little ends seemed good too. Remeasured the end float just to be on the safe side again all seemed good and within spec. I've also had the manifold blanking plug thread sorted so that is now nicely sealed. Fired into life today, reset the ignition timing and... noise is still there 😕 but not as bad as it was which I guess in 1 way is a plus. Just give it a spin around the close the funny thing is under load all is good no noise engine pulls really well and feels strong but as soon as you lift off the throttle it goes tick tick tick tick. I'm happy the internals are good so I guess the fault finding continues until the car goes away again at the end of this month for the remainder of the paintwork to be completed.
  8. Just been out to have a look at the push pods and cylinder head, number 3 push rod is slightly bent remaining are fine. Cylinder head on the other hand is quite black/oily especially in number 4. Head was converted to unleaded, new valve guides, checked over and skimmed by a reputable company here in the Midlands (as seen on car sos) pistons tops are dry with just a bit of carbon on them. Is it possible that the head is leaking oil?
  9. @Pete Lewis I've been doing some thinking about this and I reckon they've been a bit sticky might be related to the engine being say for over a year ½ before starting eventhough assembly lube was used I don't think being sat for that time would help. The holes where the followers sit are clean & dirt free. @daverclasper my stethoscope was about £6 from the bay of E and is a must for finding noises accurately as nothing was noticeably obvious with a screwdriver. The noise was coming from just under the engine number, next the the core plug on the right side of the distributor very very noticeable with the scope. It was a very loud tap whereas the front lot were quiet.
  10. I literally live by this! I've wasted no time at all this evening and pulled the head off which reminded me why I love these cars compared with the modern stuff I work with. Unfortunately I was unable to get the followers out prior to removing the head. My findings so far are that the bores are really clean with no scoring which for some reason I was worried about, some carbon on the piston tops which I expected, block surface is good, fished the followers out and can see that number 7 in particular hasn't been spinning with some vertical marks all round it number 6 is similar but not as bad, all the rest seem OK as does the cam lobes. Question is where to go from here? Replace all the followers for standard or 1s with the little hole in? Got a bit late tonight so I'll inspect the head and straightness of the push rods tomorrow after I've service my neighbours Audi. (Number 7 is on the left in the last picture)
  11. I previously tried sliding the followers out with a magnet when I checked previously with no joy as the head gasket covers up the holes a tad. Not to worry though as it'll give me the opportunity to have the inlet manifold sorted and I may as well upgrade the head studs whilst I'm there.
  12. Today the noise that has been driving me mad has been identified! Stethoscope arrived this morning and it appears that number 6, 7 cam followers are tapping like mad. Fine on initial start but after about a minute of running they are not sounding happy. Bit frustrating as they were new along with the cam when I built the engine but relieved its nothing too serious. Also funny how I didn't hear this with my trusty screwdriver so the Stethoscope was a good investment. Thanks for all your patience and advice. Thinking I might pull the head off and sort them out properly instead of just leaving it. Car isn't due to go away until the end of next month anyway so it'll give me something to do haha.
  13. Tonight's bed time reading is sorted, thanks @Bob Owen I have ordered a compression tester and a proper automotive stethoscope which hopefully be more effective than my trusty screwdriver. Will update in due course.
  14. Or maybe fit a louder exhaust 🤔
  15. Pleased that I'm not the only 1 experiencing a funny noise. Just as a bit of an update I decided bite the bullet and upgrade to the duplex timing chain set up as I wasn't happy with the amount of slack in the previous chain (which was new!) I reset the cam timing using the workshop bible which confirmed that the timing was out (the engine was running a little rough just before I inspected the old chain) reassembled everything including a new water pump as my nos item was leaking, fired it up, reset the ignition timing and it runs wayy smoother than before. Unfortunately the noise still persists 😕 Another thought I've had is the head has had some work done including hardened valve seats and new guides so I'm thinking about doing a compression test to see if everything is in check there. Engine seems healthy running and pull quite well so if the compression doesn't highlight anything and I can't see anything then I might just run it and see what happens. Car has been booked back in to have the remaining panels sprayed at the end of March so that gives some plenty of time to ponder.
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