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  1. Hi everyone! I am struggling a bit with my Triumph GT6 MK3 door handles, I just can't seem to figure out how the locking mechanism works? And how they fit in the door, it's probably simple but I can't can't figure it out if anyone can help that would be great! Pics below Thanks, Jim.
  2. Thanks for supplying the diagram! Helped a lot so its just a breather pipe for the fuel tank which is situated under the fuel tank and to a grommet. Thanks a lot! Jim.
  3. Really!? Haha it was marked 'fuel' on the cable when I took it off years ago!! Regards, Jim.
  4. Hi guys! I was just curious as to where the black wire (which is shown below in pics) goes to? I know it screws into the filler cap, but where does the other end go to?? And what is it for? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers, Jim.
  5. Hi guys, I am In need of some help with the electrics on my 72 GT6 MK3, I have soldered one side of the interior light switches, however when I went to solder the other one the RH drivers side interior light switch there were 2 purple and white wires which are identical.. I was just wondering what I should do? Should I connect one and snip the other one? why is there 2?? If anyone can provide me with some help that would be much appreciated. I have attached pics below. Ps im not good with electrics Kind regards, Jim.
  6. Hi John, Thanks for the response a pic would be great if you have the time when your back. I have located two of the reinforced bolt holes on the bottom of the floor panel by the sills, however they are not replicated on the other sides of the floor panels, is the only option to make my own and weld bolts to the bottom of the floor panel. I have screwed in one bolts to the reinforced nut and clipped in the side belt. I have attached a pic. Regards, Jim.
  7. Hi guys yes it is the trip cable reset, fitted and works. Thanks for all the responses! Kind regards, Jim.
  8. Hi guys, I trying to fit my harnesses for my Triumph GT6 MK3. I have a 4 point sparco harness for the passenger seat and a 6 point harness for the drivers side. I am not looking to race my car but might do the odd track day or hill climb, I installed them more the safety on the roads. I am not sure what is the best and safest way to install the harnesses, should I drill holes into the floor panel and put the screw fixing through the holes? And can I install the shoulder straps at the back of the floor panel? I know a lot of people use harness bars behind the seats but I want to use the rear accessory optional passenger seats in the back. I have included pictures. Any advice to installing them I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jim.
  9. I believe it is the horn relay... Kind Regards, Jim.
  10. My car is a 1972 model... Ah right okay thanks for clearing that up so everything is in fact in the right position. Regards, Jim.
  11. Ok I'm happy with the indicator stalk. And think I have found he problem with the light stalk, I believe the plate is missing as it looks quite bare compared the the indicator one - I have attached pics. Do you agree? And where can I buy this part? Or do I have to get a new switch? Also I believe I have put the indicator switch on the left side and the light switch on the right... I have wired this all up and don't really want to change it as it's the position I'm used to with modern cars. It will still work fine yes? Kind regards, Jim.
  12. Thanks for all the responses guys! Got it now, Indicators on the right and light on the left. However I don't know whether its normal or not but my right switch (indicator) doesn't stay In place when pushed up or down, with GT6's do you have to hold it in place when signalling and hold it there? My switch on the left locks in place in 3 places which made me think it was the indicator switch (middle for off, up for right and down for left). ??? Jim.
  13. Hi guys, As I am coming close to completion of my Triumph Gt6 Mk3 restoration I am finding that most of my time is spent fiddling with electrics and head scratching. I have 2 relays (I think that's what they are called?) and I don't know where they go? I have one attached to the bulk head of the car already. If anyone can advice me where these two go and what they are used for I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Jim.
  14. Hi guys, I just wanted some clarification as to what this cable does off a Triumph GT6 MK3 and where it goes, I labeled one end 'speedo' when I took it off the car 2 years ago when I started the full restoration. But I don't know where the other end goes to? Pics below. Regards, Jim.
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