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    in the past loads of BL/Austin's
    currently.....Vitesse convertible and Vitesse estate (re-creation) almost complete

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  1. Thanks Pete. I'll give them a shot. I know Bill Davies had some made many moons ago ....Kevin
  2. Thanks Colin I'll contact Canley's just in case. No need to get me photo's thanks, I've already got some old seals that aren't good enough to put back. Ta.....Kevin
  3. Hi All, I've got to the stage with my Vitesse estate 'recreation' that I need to fit the glass. I need to fit new rear side window seals........where have people got replacements from, so far I've tried 'Seals direct' who have a profile that would work but it's not big enough. So, help/advise required please.
  4. Thanks scrapman. that might be my problem, i'm using the vitesse loom which will have the interior light at the N/S B pillar. No problems just another hurdle..........Ta
  5. Hello guy’s. I’m about to install a new headliner into a herald estate (well it’s a Vitesse really but that will confuse the issue!!). but before i do can someone tell me where to run the interior light wires. Ta….Kevin
  6. Thanks All. I've cut out the offending middle section and going to weld in a top hat section. I'm just anal like that!!!.
  7. Hi All, I have added a ¾” lowering spacer with longer studs to my Vitesse project, the standard inspection cover plate now foul’s on the studs. Bill at ‘Rarebits’ used to sell a modified cover for this but sadly he seems to be winding down his operation. Does anyone know of another seller of a similar modified cover. Iv’e tried the usual suspects!!. Ta…..
  8. Clive, do you know if your Koni's are the 80-1717 ones if not do you have the code No. Ta..Kev Makin
  9. Hi All, As part of my current Vitesse Mk2 restoration I will be replacing the rotoflex driveshaft’s with CV types as I have done on my convertible. I’ll also be replacing the lever dampers with shocks. I’m lead to believe that I won’t need to add the extension bracket for the top shock mount as I don’t now have a rubber doughnut that I need to clear. So, my question is what shock absorbers do I need (if at all different) because the top position will have changed. Has anyone done this………..
  10. Cheers Clive, I wasn't sure that the bottom shock mount on a Rotoflex hub would be in the same position as Mk1 Vitesse's etc. thereby requiring a different length of shock.
  11. Hi all, I am about the strip and rebuild the rear suspension and drive shafts of a Mk2 Vitesse. I will be replacing the Rotoflex shafts with CV ones and the lever dampers with shocks. The normal approach is the fit the extension bracket for the top shock mount so that the shock itself doesn’t foul the doughnut. But, seeing as I won’t have a doughnut I believe I can use the existing top mount on the chassis. So, my dilemma is….what shock absorber do I need…has anyone else done this??? Kev
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