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  1. Hello Ben That sounds a logical explanation (but would spigot go tight?), may also explain why 1st needs some effort to engage. I will try 1st before reverse ASAP and let you know the result. Thank you Jeff.
  2. Trouble engaging reverse (Vitesse Mk 2), gear will only go in with much grinding. The car was out of use for 3-4 months earlier this year, and so I wondered if the clutch plate was sticking on the shaft. The trouble has been intermittent, after a little use the trouble righted itself, but now it's back with a vengeance and it is not possible to engage reverse, except by stopping the engine. What seems odd is that forward gears are normal. Does anyone recognise the problem? Vitesse Owner.
  3. Pete and Others You're on the right track, connections to voltage stabiliser as you say should not get wrongly connected as they are male and female. However they appeared to have been re-made at some time so I have now re-made and swopped over. The heater motor runs but only for about 10 seconds then stops and the fuel gauge also falls back. (This is with ignition on but engine not running by the way) Seems to suggest that the stabilizer is the trouble, but I know nothing about them - any ideas please. Jeff
  4. Pete Thanks for reply. I don't know, however looking at the manual (Haynes) the feed to heater switch (38) is from voltage stabiliser (40). I haven't dealt with one these before, can you tell me what it looks like and whereabouts it would be located, please. Jeff.
  5. Vitesse 2L Mk 2- With test bulb in place of heater motor, bulb flashes as if influenced by flashers, no sound from flasher unit. Flashers work but are sluggish at times. Has anyone had this trouble or know what the cause may be ? Jeff.
  6. Pete I've now had a more intensive look. With the wheels on the ground there is about 5-10 degrees of play in the propshaft. There is a notchy sound and feel whilst moving the shaft by hand. The u/js appear ok, no movement or any tell tale signs under the circlips. I have never dealt with Rotoflex joints before however they look alright, there are a (very) few hairline cracks in the rubber that is all. As I said before the trouble is most apparent when manouvering slowly when there is severe juddering at the back and again at about 45 mph when there is rumble which is felt as much as heard. I think suspicion points to the pinion and pinion bearings. My spare diff. has a little less free play and certainly no roughness can be felt (it is not fitted to a car and I have never used it.) If it were not in good order I wonder how apparent that would be when it is sitting on the bench. Any comments. Jeff
  7. Thank you, I've now done that and it is very interesting. Jeff
  8. Gary Thank you, and I will get a manual before starting the job Regards Jeff
  9. I have Vitesse 2 litre MK 2 with a noisy diff., there is some noise whilst driving but trouble is most apparent when moving away slowly or reversing. I happen to have a diff which came out of a 2 litre Mk 1, does anyone know whether this would be a direct replacement ? I know that the ratio is the same, but I read somewhere that the Mk 2 has a stronger spring and I wonder whether there is a difference in the studs securing spring to diff. I have changed diffs on a non rotoflex car before which was quite easy, I wonder just how difficult the Mk 2 will be. I know that a special tool is required to deal with the spring. Any advice please? Jeff.
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