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    Previous Classic cars - VW Beetle 1200, VW Beetle 1600S, Ford Capri 3ltr (Before they were classics!) - Rover P6 3500S.
    Current Classic - 1977 Spitfire 1500
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  • Cars Owned
    Previous Classic cars - VW Beetle 1200, VW Beetle 1600S, Ford Capri 3ltr (Before they were classics!) - Rover P6 3500S. Current Classic - 1977 Spitfire 1500

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  1. Yeah that confuses the ECU - used to put the Disco into fault mode. Never found the need to left foot brake to be honest. Hand brake was handy at times - though don't try it with an EPB in a Land Rover or Range Rover.🤣
  2. Funnily enough it doesn’t bother me. I jump from my auto to a manual and back and never have to think about the leg. left hand drive cars are the same. Only driven a few and only one in the U.K. but just do it. Biggest issue i had was when I drove a hire car in Spain when I was about 21 or 22. Kept driving in the gutter for the first hour or so because I was trying to drive on the right hand side of the road forgetting that there was another 4 or 5 feet of car to my right. 🤣
  3. Back in the late 80’s my first job was with the government. Had to sign the official secrets act. left after 2 years and had to sign it again. Never understood why. not that i knew any secrets anyway.
  4. I thought that too. But it did my head in 🤣
  5. I find when backing out of the garage that I hit the clutch rather than the brake - have resorted to the handbrake before now when I couldn't work out why it wasn't slowing!
  6. You can use the LHD switch and swap it over to RHD - I did it, but can't remember what I did to get the arrows to be right - may have swapped the arm itself.
  7. I have some red handled Stanley’s. The very big one was damaged probably by misuse as a kid of 17 or 18 On car. The terminal screwdriver was superb and is sorely missed as it got stolen. Wera are my current driver of choice. Not cheap but not made of cheese either.
  8. I noticed this to another email account (Another club account) - I mean seriously? They could at least make an effort!
  9. An odd title you might think and it probably is, but bear with me. Popped into see some friends on the way back from our holiday in Yorkshire yesterday - they live near York and was about a 10minute diversion. Anyway, Nigel has 4 old cars - none on the road at the moment as he and his wife are probably 2years from the end of extending their house - they started it 10 years ago. In his large (6 cars if you got the other crap out first) garage there is his wifes 13year old BMW 5 series - currently drying out and awaiting new modules after the pano roof leaked into the floorpan and boot - and an Opel Manta from 1976. What struck me and Nigel also commented is that it looks fairly modern - certainly a heck of a lot more modern looking than my Spitfire (And older!) but not something that you would necessarily think of as a Historic vehicle - His Ascona is newer at 1978 and his two Marlin kitcars are positively new at 1988 and 1990. He even had to check the maths on the one as he couldn't believe it was 33 years old. He does intend to get them all back on the road when he has finished the house - which I'm sure he will do.
  10. My last 2 tanks have been about 32. Thats no overdrive, Newman’s cam skimmed head 4 branch manifold and sports exhaust. i want to swap the needles out for a slightly different profile as I think it’s running a bit lean.
  11. Red light means its not charging the battery - so chances are it was only just charging it when running. Depending on how the alternator is failing it is possible it could drop the revs.
  12. I have long complained about the use of China (And others) for our manufacturing hub. Mainly because of their appalling human rights and general care less attitude to pretty much everything. Same with the we are green attitude - we have just exported ours to the 3rd parties. You have to look at the whole cycle. We have also been brought into the replace with new - both when broken and not fixing and when you just fancy a change. How many people (Most on here probably excepted) change their cars every 3 years? Keep until the warranty expires and buy new because repairs are expensive? Forgetting that a new car costs a minimum of 20% of its value when you drive off the forecourt and another 30% or so over the next 3 years. Buy a lot of bits for that!
  13. I would guess vapour lock - but the slow starter is a bit odd. I guess you didn't try to turn the engine by hand to see if it had stiffened up? Funnily mine was a bit of a sod to start after a short shut off today - but I do think its running a little lean as it also slightly pops and bangs on the overrun every now and then. I did adjust the one float level after I smelt petrol on startup but found that in the end to be the hose clamp not quite tight enough - but not before I'd made the float tweek. Then it wouldn't start and run with out a lot of choke - but then found I'd forgotton to plug the breather hose back into the carb. Fuel lines are not insulated - just a stainless heat sheild.
  14. I'd rather go for the super as its not E10. And the amount of miles I do the extra cost is not significant. When I had my Disco, I was spending over £5k in fuel a year - my current modern is below £1500 - to be fair I'm also doing about 8k miles a year less at the moment, but even then the cost has halved.
  15. Porsche, Aston, Jag, Ferrari and a lot of Jap cars all prefer super - but the ECU's generally will detune to suit. Tesco brought out some 100octane and that sold so there is a demand - if only in the pissing competition.
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