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  1. Yep, I only need an aerial converter, FM to DAB👍
  2. Hi Andybeau. Thanks for responding. Interesting as so many are powered, & this one isn’t? Rich
  3. Can anybody recommend a good one please? There are loads online but probably most are cheaply made rubbish. many thanks Rich
  4. Thanks for all the great comments. Still smiling 😁
  5. OMG 😩😩😩 Somebody’s going to benefit big time from your hard work!
  6. Thanks, yes we have a fridge /Freezer in the Garage. Can’t help but chuckle to myself every time I go out there 😂😂. I really can’t believe it!!
  7. Thanks all. I am so pleased to be back driving my old car! Hopefully make it to an event or two this year and catch up with some of you. 👍
  8. Yaaay. My car 99.9% finished. Been out driving for the first time in nearly 20 years. 37 years of ownership, literally my baby! You can imaging the ear to ear smile on my face 😁 Absolutely loving it, driving really well - better than I remember! Thanks so much to my good mate Pete Dunne (AKA Jade Muttley) who took a completely knackered GT6 shell a brought it back to as good as new. Although I pride myself in having rebuilt the car twice before myself, my standard was 100% off his, hence the ground up rebuild. Some of you may have followed the rebuild on youtube. This build h
  9. Pic 1 early mk1. Pic 2 later mk1 & mk2
  10. No they are not interchangeable. Mk2 & 3 completely different. The Mk 3 had a bevelled rear edge along its length (as spit 4, 1500). Later Mk1 were as the mk2 but early mk1 were different. One I purchased for my mk2 looked identical to my original but like you found, the demist slots didn’t align. In fact the caps did not cover the holes properly. I discovered this after I covered it off the car. In this case it was because the foam moulding was set slightly differently around the slots. The metal frame was identical. I’m not sure if this is the difference between early mk1 an
  11. The original. Sorry to spend forum time on such a minor thing...
  12. Is it a valve or a filter or both? Why does it need a valve? Struggling to find something. If anybody can point me at a suitable aquarium jobby that would be great!! Thank you Rich
  13. Managed to get one of these switches 2 speed with the electrical connectors instead of water nipples. Not sure what it comes off but a direct replacement & works a treat. Connections exactly the same unlike the earlier spitfire one I bought. It’s not in my GT6 parts manual and I’ve seen a GT6 non roto has bellows. Pretty sure it’s not an aftermarket.
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