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  1. Hi all, That's why I mentioned the full tonneau; just make your mind up before you head out. My header rail is a bit of a mess, the hood is poorly fitted and I can't get shut the doors with the windows fully up and not sure what to do about the frame. It just occurred to me that I could do without it, being short on skills and means as I am, and with it being deadweight I could just take it out. Just a thought, grateful for your comments. Shaun
  2. Hi all, I failed to find this in the search function so starting a new topic (correct me if I'm wrong). I have a usable (if scruffy) hardtop for my Vitesse Convertible and, before I pull off the hood and take the frame out, are there any reasons why you'd keep the hood instead of hardtop and full tonneau aside from personal preference? I quite like how the hardtop looks and the interior light would be useful. Also, if anyone has a smart idea for attaching the hardtop with some quick release mechanism instead of the j-bolts I'd be grateful! Thanks, Shaun
  3. Eddie - that's quite encouraging. I wonder if you could put me in touch with any of them who might know if there's much in the way of trusted garages/mechanics? If there are plenty of those old-fashioned types then, as expected, they don't have much of an internet presence.
  4. Colin - I've heard that too, especially in the Turkish North, and if it's true then that could be a real bonus. All the more reason to get an assessment of what's needed while I'm here I suppose; both because back-street mechanics speaking another language could have its cons as well as its pros, and it might be easier to source any bits I need and take them with me. Richard - I've been to a couple and at the Newbury meet I met someone who might be interested in looking after it in my absence. Attendance is pretty low at this time of year though so thought I might reach more people on these means. I'll definitely look into finding people out there, boots on the ground would be a great asset right now! Thanks both. Shaun
  5. Hi all, I mentioned in another post (http://forum.tssc.org.uk/index.php?/topic/2157-vitesse-up-for-grabs/) that I'm moving away to Cyprus for a couple of years and am considering my options with the Mk1 2l Convertible Vitesse. Best case scenario is that I take it with me and use it out there, but I'm not sure how feasible it is. I barely have the knowledge, tools, space and time as it is but I've got along with it for the past 6-7 years. Cyprus is a bit of a gamble though. What I need is a plan, and the best plans are made on a basis of knowledge and experience (you see my problem). If anyone who knows their way around these things well enough would be willing to have a good look over it with me (I'd go to them of course, with a crate of something in the back!), I'd feel a lot more confident about committing to taking it out there and the necessary preparations. I'm happy to stump up some cash and somehow make the time to improve its general condition but I'd hate to learn that it all needs to come off again because of a previous bodge-job or some nasty rot etc... I have an ambition to drive it back to the UK from Greece in 2019, and provided everything is in good order I see no reason why it shouldn't manage. I would of course be taking out European breakdown cover. I'm located in Shrivenham between Swindon and Oxford but I trust the car to get me elsewhere within reason. I'd be very grateful if anyone is well placed and willing to help. Many thanks, Shaun
  6. Thanks. I'm going to Cyprus. Taking it with me is another option but I can't take my garage with me and I'm not sure how much provision there is for classic cars out there.
  7. Sorry, just realised this is in general technical. Not sure how to move on my phone. Or post photos...
  8. Hi all. I'm considering options for my 2L Vitesse Convertible as I head overseas for a couple of years. Selling it is one option, I could store it for free, or if a competent and trustworthy club member would like to borrow it that could be mutually beneficial. It's not a show car and has its niggles but goes and stops well enough, MOTd until late July. Let me know if you think of a good match! Thanks.
  9. Hi all, Took my Mk1 2L Vitesse Convertible for an MOT today. Didn't expect it to pass but, 6 years after naively purchasing it, the previous bodges are starting to show through. The bit I'm going to struggle with most is the rear n/s passenger floor pan. It's a bit of a mess. Fibreglass underneath and rust on top. I have no welder/skills (yet) and live nowhere near 'home', where I can lean on friends/family. Is there any hope of plugging it for the MOT so I can at least drive it back? Or am I going to have to shell out to have it done professionally nearby? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks Pete, I gather that's worthwhile for general use, I'll get it on the list. Casper - that's spot on, thanks very much! I don't plan on anything extreme but I expect that might provide a useful blueprint for the watered down version I'm aiming for. Reading about the trip should provide some inspiration too - I'll look forward to that double whammy! Cheers, Shaun
  11. Hi all, I'm thinking of having a little adventure in my Mk1 2L Convertible and would like a steer if anyone can help. Does anyone know of a Vitesse or Herald being prepared for, shall we say, less well-maintained roads? I'm thinking ground clearance, suspension and anything I haven't thought of for unsealed roads and tracks. I'm not planning on taking it greenlaning, more something like this: http://smallcarbigadventure.blogspot.co.uk I realise it's not the perfect car for the job, but I couldn't justify another car and I've no intention of getting rid of this one. It needs a little TLC anyway so I'd like to do it with a purpose (other than winning shows). I don't want to chop stuff up either, bolt-on and reversible is what I'm thinking. Any clues would be appreciated. Many thanks, Shaun
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