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  1. My car was a Mk1 2lt and what happened was a tooth had snapped off the pinion due to worn bearings allowing the pinion to move up and down and there wasn't room between the crown wheel and the casing. The tooth punched a similar sized hole to yours in the casing. 500 yards later the diff started making whining noises and I stopped. I traced the streak of oil back to its beginning and there was the piece of casing and the broken tooth laying in the road.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/293788900085 A bit pricy I think but here's 4
  3. Quote "1 for just dash lights and 2 for exterior" The other way round I think you will find first click side lights second click brings in the dash!
  4. Years ago(too many if I'm honest) fairly sure it was an article in the Courier ,you basically remove the ash tray and its housing that is held in place by knob mountings either side (choke control and master light switch ) then make up a blank same shape as the ash tray but a bit bigger to carry the gauges.
  5. Hi Anthony, Its in the post today Ben
  6. Hi Anthony Found one in odds and sods box, message me your address and I will try and post next week. Ben
  7. Some cars have a line fuse to the rear lights that lives in the left corner of the glove box.
  8. Try resetting the trip to zero and give it another go. I had a similar problem and it was just the tumblers had got stuck. This maybe useful https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwia4vjDjo3mAhWP-aQKHa1-ATYQFjAAegQIARAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fobswww.unige.ch%2F~wildif%2Fcars%2Fdocs%2FSmith-jaeger_speedo_repair.pdf&usg=AOvVaw33d-onw9QrtuVptkc8F_SJ
  9. Im not climbing into a freezing loft to search 42 years worth of club mags but that's how I remember the club name being decided on.
  10. There was possibly a small amount of oil laying in the cavity between the block and back plate pressure washing the engine has possibly pushed and amount of water into the cavity, as oil floats on water it has raised the oil up higher where it has now escaped . The oil must have come from somewhere so as Pete says it needs investigating.
  11. My Marlin has been running around for over thirty years with a Scalextric motor magnet Araldited to the original sump plug.
  12. Thanks for the links and pics all food for thought .
  13. Does anyone recall reading an article or post about replacing the transverse spring with a beam and using coil over shocks? I'm sure I have read it somewhere !
  14. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-pipe-cleaners-50-pack/p/0253155 A cable tie may do the trick
  15. Use a short length of wood then tie a length of cord to the end and wrap the cord a few times around the pulley in the opposite direction to undoing the nut. Hold the wood in a vice or by hand and that should stop the pulley turning.
  16. Has the location screw come out of the rear rocker post?? https://content.invisioncic.com/r252473/monthly_2019_07/FB51F9F1-5B17-46F8-A341-BDBC06AE55CC.MOV.e86d20e197e50f72d228017b68bf8b80.MOV
  17. Not sure where your nearest local Area meet is may be worth getting along and rounding up some help.
  18. Hi Johny Maybe? but it was discovered when the sump came off. Its possible if Steve worked the crank to and fro he may be able to produce the knock what ever it is I fear the only way to go is to strip the engine it could be done in situ if need be.
  19. It was actually broken across the web so it was pushing round the front half,sadly can't capture the picture from FB Marlin Enthusiasts page.
  20. The crank had broken in front of number one journal so the engine was still running on all four amazing as it sounds it was driven home like it.
  21. Hate to say it but it sounds just like another video and that was a broken crank at the front web
  22. I think the stop being on the bolt head is to stop any tendency for the moving wishbone to wind the bolt undone .
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