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  1. Nope left all the suspension bolts loose for this reason and given it a good roll back and forth and jumped up and down on it. But yh 🤞 it will settle
  2. Body is on!! Despite all my bracing it seems the shell twisted slightly while doing all the bodywork. As such a couple of the mounting holes were off by 5-10mm. Some extra long die grinder bits later and its down Despite the 1 inch lowering block the rear still seems to be sitting rather high (even when test fitting the cage) and there isn't a huge amount more weight to go in so may need addressing
  3. very nice indeed, my first prototype was far too large. Going to try a new one as shallow a possible with my 25mm trumpets if no good I'll have to step down to 15s
  4. With the throttle bodies on I thought I'd turn me attention to the rest of the induction system. The only airbox I liked the look of was from reverie and a nice sum of £700 or so. I couldn't bring myself to do it so set about designing my own. The plan is to 3d print in carbon reinforced nylon and epoxy together. Hence the model being split down the centre with a detail to hide the seem and make the bond stronger. I just need to add mounting tabs for the back plate, draw said back plate and I can run a test print. 2021-01-17-23-24-07.mp4
  5. The production quality print of the water pump adapter arrived and I think it has come out very nicely The throttle bodies are on and after some faff replacing the jenvey spindle parts to allow use of a typical triple Weber linkage all seems to be working well The water pump bracket is printed and fitted, attached via some rivnuts in the chassis VID_20201219_123341.mp4 VID-20201224-WA0014.mp4
  6. I think I've sussed it. Found a listing for 5/8UNF. If that isn't right I may ask if it could be found out. Thanks
  7. It seems the part from the original manifold fits if anyone knows that?
  8. Does anyone know the thread size of the vacuum takeoff on the canon triple weber manifold. I've tried 3/8bsp/ npt both slightly too large Thanks Kai
  9. Ah yes, I meant to put that bit in. I changed the track rod ends to rod ends as you may be able to see in one of the pictures. I designed some conical inserts which convert the steering arms to a straight bore. They are coming with the trigger wheel and alternator spacer. When they arrive I can mount the rod end under the steering arm. I modelled it with the racing aspirations calculator and it suggests this will be better than the stock position on a lowered car so WIN. But I will leave the final spacer length between the arm and the bearing for when the car is fully assembled to ensure minimal .
  10. Currently I have the ones which came when I bought the car which seem in good nick. I'd love to find some uprated ones (used vibratechnics on the gearbox) but can't seem to find anything??
  11. Very nice GT6M. I may well. Update: Propshaft shortened Engine in. After a lot of faff. When lowering it down found the larger damper was fouling on the steering rack. Moved the rack down by making 25*100 box section. Welding it beneath the original mounts to get a known drop. Transfering the mounting holes down and cutting the top out. Relieving the main chassis rail for the bottom of the column and then reinforcing the hell out of it as it's directly above the front wishbone mount. Put the jenvey heritage TBs on and my are they gorgeous. The linkage they send with them is a single linkage on the central body which has wings on the spindle which attach to the other two. Didn't like this for a few reasons mainly it fouls the bonnet but also it's just not as pretty. So I put the usual triple Weber bar linkage on but the spindles on the jenveys are much large and the standard Weber throttle arms don't fit. Queue an eye watering exchange with jenvey and 3 new arms on the way. Swirl pot design finished and waiting for some quotes Also started work on the water pump mounting bracket. Currently upgrading my printer so I'm hopeful I can print this in carbon reinforced ABS and use as functional part rather than just prototyoing Alternator mounted. Correct length belt found. Nice turnbuckle adjuster made
  12. I can't avoid the remote filter as the original location would put it directly in line with the bulkhead now. By delay do you mean lack of pressure on start up? If so I'll fit an accusump if it turns out to be an issue but trying to avoid the expense at present.
  13. For the sake of John's sanity I have resigned a trigger wheel. It couldn't simply be cut out of steel plate as the super damper kit has a flange between pulley and damper. Therefore I had to put a step in the trigger wheel. Cue some CAD again. A 3d printed prototype. And the final version is on order to be laser cut and then machined VID_20201125_110519.mp4
  14. I absolute love project Binky and Devour it every time there's a new episode. Oh to have niks engineering ability. It has been far too long since a Binky although the escargot and c1 have been interesting too. I have just he thing a pwm controller for the pump so I live in hope it'll never actual need 30A but time will tell https://www.tecomotive.com/en/products/tinycwa.html
  15. Good point on dirty thumb trick My first go had a beautifully smooth path by lofting a gradual transition between the port shapes, but it resulted in a couple of places of quite reduced cross section for flow. This could be solved by increasing the thickness but this would remove a lot of the elegance and make packaging more difficult as I want to add the swirl pot to the front. Having examined the original pump I think this still represents a vast improvement in flow. This design will also keep the cost of the print down as it allows 3mm wall thickness with minimal solid areas. Having a smooth path inside will vastly increase costs as this material must be printed by sintering therefore enclosed spaces must be printed solid as the unsintered powder would have no space to escape. As its a specialist material the majority of the cost is in the material rather than the process. Similarly printed nylon would be a third of the cost. I have test version on my cheap PLA printer as we speak I'll test it before use and see how the flow is but I'm confident it will be fine as the pump I have is a monster being capable of flowing 150l/min @ 0.85bar. (this throws up another issue as it consumes 30A at full chat so I think that 60A alternator is going to need upgrading) Having said this it still hurts my eyes every time I look at it!
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