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  1. I did worry with my 72 Spitfire, that the emissions would fail it, but it went to an old school garage the owners of which both run classics. I have heard numerous stories of garages leaning off the mixtures of older cars to get through the test, without actually knowing which cars require what. Then the cars concerned wouldn't run to get them home to undo the damage.
  2. +1 for that, plus wired a cheap 12v buzzer across the contacts. Not the correct way to do it but it's worked (off and on....sorry) for over 25 years.
  3. Wonder if he's got a four electrode version version? No one else has.
  4. I once believed that the most appropriate sign for the continent was this... .....remember Agincourt...sorry ChrisA!!!
  5. Where did you get that? I want one!! As for this... ..dream on little rabbit.
  6. Would the longer plug effectively decrease the internal size of the cylinder at the point of max compression and have some sort of effect?
  7. Clive - Thanks. I tried to check but the comment appear a little vague. Suddenly thought, do all the moderns now need Union Flags to cover the EU stars,xto get through an MOT. Will black tape do, or do we just apply to Boris for our free stickers as he got us in this mess......Colin.... don't go there!!!!!
  8. Is that for everyone in the UK or only when going offshore?
  9. I think that COB still has a samples service. Might be worth ordering a selection of different sized samples and try them out before ordering.
  10. Yes, forgot about that. I have an unrivetted red one on the Spitfire. No problems with it (Until now..as the kiss of death kicks in). You see Pete, someone does listen to you.
  11. Pete normally has a go about rivetted rotor arms as well!!
  12. Is this seal (DX73) also the one for Spitfire doorframes. I currently have the one size fits all furflex ones.
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