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  1. @ bivvyman I've just done first coat, and I'm using Halfords Heavy Duty PU Lacquer
  2. Three coats of the plastic bumper paint on now, next step is to start the laquer coats.
  3. First coat of Halfords plastic bumper paint, has revealed a couple of high spots in the aroldite that need to be levelled but not looking bad.
  4. Taking slightly longer than expected, as cracks have needed a couple of applications of araldite. But think it's pretty much there ready for first attempt at a spray coat:
  5. Cracks taken out with a dremel and then filled with araldite and taped over with masking tape
  6. stripped and with first sanding with 80 grit sand paper
  7. Just thought I'd share this weekends project, refurbing my 68 spitfires steering wheel. It's pretty well worn and has a couple of cracks. Currently in the process of stripping paint from the boss
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. what do you think of a 16" 3 core radiator would this give similar performance to full width?
  9. Hi, Was wondering if it were worth fitting a full width mk1 rad in to my mk3 spit? It currently has an after market 3 core one fitted which is too tall for the bonnet and so needs replacing one way or another so 16 or 22 inch is the question
  10. Yes I think it would look good also, but car is pretty much as it left factory, was with last owner for 40 years. Other than some subtle period mods such as the swing spring would like to keep it pretty original. Hence query on what it would have left the factory with red carpets or black
  11. Thanks for the response. paint is code 19 - pure white and trim is 12 - matador red So seats, door cards etc are all correct, my question is really around if all mk3 spits came with black carpets irrespective of trim colour or if it would have had a red carpet originally Thanks
  12. Hi, My mk3 spitfire has a red interior with black carpets, I was wondering if anyone knows if it would have had red carpets originally or would it have had black as standard? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks guys, I will take a look at them all. As for meetings, yes the Thames valley is the closest one. I was there last month, lots of advice on mechanics, not so much on the bodywork. I'm really undecided as the way to go as car has been maintained well, and is pretty much factory original. Little or no rust. Driver side sill has been replaced at some point and had a blow over rather than perfect respray paint around doors is chipped etc. Anyway thanks for the info
  14. David, you are quite right, I have no idea why I wrote Epsom, I blame it on momentary distraction ???? Are they considerably more expensive? Would you recommend anyone else in the area? I'm currently considering a full respray but don't want to go somewhere without recommendation from someone that has used them before Jason
  15. Hi guys, I'm currently investigating restoration costs for my mk3 spit and came across Moto Build in Epsom. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? Jason
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