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  1. Thanks everyone for the input and ideas, I think I will try to find some re enforced mounts, I read an article where they had use old 8mm conveyer belt rubber and manufactured their own. If it's only for noise reduction and to keep the panel gaps correct I might give it a go. eBay looks favourite cheers
  2. Hi can anyone help me with where the body to chassis rubber washers and spacers go, obviously they go where the fixing locations are but why are some thinner and some made from ally, and also the long rubber strip does that go between the body and chassis or between both tubs for a weather seal. The work shop manual isn't very clear and it's probably not that important but it's just for my piece of mind. Thanks
  3. Sorry I have been off line I have a mk2 gt6 with rooflex and need anew chassis and have access to a spitfire my 4 chassis is there major difference between them,cheers
  4. Hi, Is a gt6 chassis the same as a spitfires? As I need to replace the one on my gt6 and have a mk 4 spitfire chassis. cheers
  5. HI thanks for that, I have changed the outriggers to box section for side impact protection so haven't any reference on them but the front tub fixings are there, I will have to put the tub on get them near enough unless I get some measurements . thanks
  6. Hi, Can any one help me, due my body mounting brackets and the floor behind them being severely rusty I removed them to repair the floor and refit new ones. I took pictures and measurements but have lost all the info. Does anyone have the front tub off their car and can give some measurements for the four body mounts please. Cheers
  7. Hi Iam after a picture of the rear deck panel for a hard top vitesse 1600, I need it to show the hard top recess channel and how that finishes to the wing , thanks if anyone can help
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