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  1. Thanks everyone I found a kit at J & L Spares Export Ltd Trows Mill, Trows Lane Castleton Rochdale Lancashire OL11 2UF
  2. Does anybody know who could supply the above kit - I can find plenty for the 7” servo but none for the 5.5” one I have.
  3. Thanks Colin, I also rang TD Fitchetts who also sell them as “bridge seals”
  4. Hi overhauling my front brake PB Metric callipers. I have split the calipers to enable easier removal of seized pistons. The caliper repair kits on sale do not appear to contain the small O-rings that seal the two halves of the assembled caliper. The rationale I believe is the two halves should not split? I therefore need to source the two small O-rings made from silicon or Viton but not pure Nitrile, does anybody know who supplies them? Looking at general o ring kits as a last option, as getting the correct OD, ID and thickness is clearly important to achieving the correct seal and getting the right combination of dimensions and material is not as easy as it sounds.
  5. Pete That is my end game if I cannot find one!
  6. Hi Read previous posts on this subject and am are aware of potential work arounds. This post has also been circulated FB GT6 site. Rebuilding my Gt6 mk3 non rotoflex. Come to the rear self adjusting brakes and realise one of the star wheel brake adjusters (519797 & 519798) has been mislaid. The one I do have has a LH thread so I need one with a RH thread, which I think is 519798. Does anyone have a second hand one available I could purchase?
  7. Thanks for responses. My son (who will end up with the car) is trying to talk me into rebuilding the engine to a Stage 2 level of tune, would that alter any of your advice? Will probably not strip it now but was thinking of doing the oil seals on the drive shafts and input shaft, no sign of leakage but the car has been off the road for 28 years and I want a restoration with minimal revisits (yes I know it’s a Triumph!). I gather the input shaft nut can be a little tight to remove.
  8. Hi Doing a full restoration on my mk3 non rotoflex with overdrive, removed diff from chassis and done first clean up. There is red paint on the input drive hub castellated nut and KC73323 stamped into the casing. I am being told that it is a 3.27:1 diff not the 3.89:1 which it should have with a KD stamp and blue paint so clearly the car has had an overdrive unit fitted or diff replaced with a different unit. I am told this will result in less acceleration but more comfortable cruising both of which are fine with me, but I wondered if anybody else has had a car with this configuration and their thoughts on its drivability? Doing some preliminary checks, when you start to rotate the input shaft very slowly one of the half shaft flanges start to turn and the other does not, I would imagine this is down to backlash on the sun / planet gear(s)? If I then increase the speed both half shaft flanges turn normally, then go back to turning very slowly as before both half shaft flanges continue to turn? Appreciate any thoughts / checks to do before I open the unit up.
  9. Hi Just welded in a new front roof section which was supplied with a trim finisher piece from Chic Doig. The original roof section gutter was missing so I don't know exactly how the side gutter meets the front trim finisher, also not sure which way up the trim finisher is fitted (see photos )? Research on line shows various configurations but I wish to go along with the original design, does anybody out there have either a drawing or photograph of the original setup? Any help or guidance greatly appreciated! Kevin
  10. Just spotted this on a site, to be sold by auction. Uses GT6 mk1 as base. https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/cjm-asset/catalogue-id-cjm10421/lot-761820bc-7061-412a-8bab-a882009f1a85
  11. Spoke to TD Fithett and they say a mk4 spitfire can be made to fit, apparently the top lip faces in instead of out, so thats do able. They are available and indeed Dave has one but I am wondering if anybody has a GT6 one tucked away anywhere?
  12. Hi Last job in the body restoration is to repair the roof front area with a repair panel I got from Chic Doig. Having removed the rusted roof section I find part of the windscreen frame has also rusted away. I don't think the windscreen frame is available any more let alone a repair panel unless anybody can tell me different? Does anybody have a old/new windscreen frame available or know of any other frame that could be adapted to fit? If not is a complicated fabrication job! Kevin
  13. Heard this today on Ken Bruce's show, brilliant. No such thing as an unwanted Christmas present, so don't moan at yet another pair of socks? Some mild profanity included. https://youtu.be/lbejNNCTr7k
  14. kevin


    Dry as a bone in North Lincs but freezing cold, got all 3 elements going on the calor gas heater in the garage, my lad is welding a new rear wheel arch panel on and as a condition of contract he will not weld in the cold! These youngsters but methinks I will keep me thoughts to meself!
  15. Colin Recently changed the keyboard on my MacBook, there are 60 of the tiniest screws ever seen holding it in! Talk about over engineering to justify the price. what makes it worseies that is hasn't fixedmy spacebar! Kevin
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