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  1. It definitely got the coarse spline it running on clutch from the original non overdrive box
  2. Okay thanks when I fitted three rail j type that was tight enough to fit so d type shortest box then j type three rail 1 inch longer then d type so single rail j type 2 inch longer then d type is that due to adaptor plate
  3. Hello i have a three rail j type overdrive fitted in my vitesse a single rail j type overdrive as come up for sale which I hear is stronger box , are both g/box the same length ? I know about bellhousing issue have a spare one to swap over need to drill hole and find away of capping off we’re shaft comes through , is there any other fitting issues
  4. I understanding what ur saying but how much movement should there be on propshaft I would get prop on But movement would be limited to 1.5 mm would that cause further problems
  5. Went and remeasure diff to g/ box output flange 43 1/4 tightest point rimmers output flange 53mm I reckon that the one I got the one ebay 45mm 1.5 MM of play bit tight the one in picture of spitfire mk4 flange I reckon would work must have done various size flanges
  6. Yes canleys said they use put on mk4 spotfire j type output flange run out of stock, If i cant find flange shorten prop Or new custom prop Now going to remeasure has figures dont add up, G/box 4inch longer Prop 43 1/2 Takes up 3 1/2 Difference 1/2 by all known facts
  7. Well spoke to usual suppliers no good canleys said about mk4 spitfire had j type overdrive and short output flange or shorten prop , look at original g/ box output flange but the internal diameter looks smaller it has piece weld on I think it call a oil throw which might have to be cut off , well if I knew were to get short flange from I would, and more room to fit back together but try today no luck, so my only solution at moment shorten prop were here
  8. Okay can’t source parts needed shorter output flange only one option shorten prop ok number stamped on gearbox K F 12530
  9. hello see what u mean ,I was thinking maybe not enough clearance on mainshaft but looking at pics this could resolve it
  10. Ok thanks I will try that tomorrow
  11. Hello the d mounting plate doesn’t fit also the Propshaft measure 43 half inch fully in to tight to fit so checking overdrive definitely j type so now need j mounting plate also j propshaft which is shorter I hope or have to get propshaft cut only glad had propshaft only bought d mounting plate
  12. Hello here some pics of overdrive hope someone can identify it
  13. Hello I identify box as gt6 73 us spec basically 10 cm longer then original non overdrive now can any overdrive be bolted on see numbers but know J ,D or A type not j solenoid on left hand side of gearbox can u identify by numbers thanks joe
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