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  1. Right, moved the earth cable to the spare spade connector on the side of the bulb holder and the rear light now works, the only issue is it is not quite as bright as the other rear light, did try switching the bulbs over but still not as bright. Also left the other earth cable in place but no better. I have a very good earth on the body of the car so don't think that is the problem. Could it still be an issue with the bulb holder, I have one on order so will change it next week or could there be another problem? PS. just had another look at my photo above, could be the terminal needs a good clean.
  2. I'll add a second earth cable tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
  3. The black cable with the blue connector is the earth which is on the side of the light housing, not the holder, are you saying that there should also be an earth going to the spare connector, if that is the case why did the other bulb holder work when I replaced it with the wiring just as it is? I know the bulb holders are not great for earthing but these ones are quite tight and do get a good earth.
  4. Thanks Mathew, not going to Duxford but have ordered a new one from Moss so should be with me in a day or two.
  5. The other bulb connector doesn’t have the additional connect on the side so not sure what it actually dose.
  6. Just swapped the bulb holders round and it worked fine so looks like a new bulb holder is required.
  7. I was wondering if it could be the bulb holder, might try and swap them round and see if it will work.
  8. Hi, Now coming to the closing stages of my re-build, currently trying to sort out a few electrical issues. The one I'm having a problem with at the moment is the rear offside brake/stop light. I have replaced all my bulbs with LED’s and have checked they are all working, I seem to be getting a good power supply to the rear light cluster but the offside stop/tail light don’t seem to want to work, nearside works fine. I think I have reconnected all the cables in the correct position but I would be grateful if someone could confirm from the attached picture if my wiring is correct. There is one terminal on the right which I haven't used, I suspect there should be a cable connected to this terminal but which one I’m not sure, If anybody can shine some light or perhaps a photo I would be most grateful.
  9. Badwolf, had a look at your build diary and must say your hardtop was in a sorry state. Mine only had to have some minor welding done to the bottom ends where they sit on the B post and the front lip which I'm currently working on. Have made some progress on the front lip. firstly, using a flap wheel I ground off the front lip which exposed the extent of the rust under the lip, cleaned off the rust with the flap wheel and treated the metal with rust inhibitor then primed the affected area, brought some stainless steel 'U' section the exact size to fit back over the front edge, the only problem is the stainless steel 'U' section wont conform to the shape of the front edge of the roof, (haven't got the equipment to stretch or shrink metal sections) no problem, did try heating up a small length to see if it would bend to suit but no luck there, so decided to cut some slots in the 'U' section and bend it to the shape, the idea being the slots can be filled when the 'U' section is fixed into place then painted, this worked fine and when I was happy with the fit, clamped it in place and stuck it on with some Tiger seal. There are however some very minor areas on the ends where the bend is tightest which will require some slight grinding to ensure the profile is smooth to the touch but to the naked eye you would hardly notice it.
  10. Yare, did give that a thought but I'll bend the overlap back first and see how that goes.
  11. Thanks gents. The reason I asked is water has got under the lip and it has rusted and pushed the overlap up which in turn lets in more water. I could seal it but I need to clean off the rust and treat the affected areas first. Didn't realise the fold was spot welded so will need to find the welds and then fold the overlap back to clean and treat the rust. Not looking forward to folding open, any tips would be appreciated.
  12. Hi, Is the front lip of the hardtop for the 1500 Spitfire removable or does it form a part of the roof? If it is removable can you still buy the part. I know the GT6 has a repair section and it seems the lip is, or was available and if it can be sourced will it fit the 1500 and who might have one? The GT6 part number is 814628 but is no longer available from Rimmer. Many thanks
  13. Hi, I’m about to replace the fuse box in my 1977 Triumph Spitfire and may need to extent some of the cables which go into the box, Top fuse 1. Green for: - Wiper switch, Heater fan & Stop lamp switch 2. White for: - Ignition Middle fuse 1. Red/green for: - headlamp switch 2. Red for: - Instrument panel, Indicators, Brake, Map, Side light & No. plate Bottom fuse 1. Brown for: - Alternator 2. Purple for: - Dip flasher switch, Horn relay, Boot light, Door light & Seat belt Firstly is the above correct and secondly what size is this cable, is it all 35amp as it’s a lot larger than the rest of the loom? Many thanks
  14. Did take some photos and think I may now have resolved the issue. Black goes at 1-o-clock on the heater fan motor, the green/grey one goes to the slid control of the heater and the other green one goes to the heater fan motor at 7-o-clock. I did have the green/grey connected to the heater fan and the green one connected to the slid control but have now switched them round. Hopefully it will work but wont know for a while until I get the rest of the wiring connected.
  15. Just did a little further investigation, found a home for the black earth at about 1-o-clock in a recess on the heater motor and it looks like the green/grey wire may well be connected to the heater motor at about 7-o-clock. Would appreciate somebody confirming I have them in the right place. Regards
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