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  1. @thescrapman that sounds completely fair mate. How can i get the cash over to you do accept PayPal? that would be the best option as i live in Sri Lanka. I will need the dials sent directly to speedograph in Nottingham NG5 7JS. best Shane
  2. @thescrapman yes I am in Sri Lanka. But I hope to have all the gauges restored at speedograph before I bring them down here.
  3. @thescrapman brilliant! how much would you want for the Speedo mate? or even the pair if you want to get rid of both. best, Shane
  4. @thescrapman Thanks so much mate any help would be much appreciated. Do let me know if you have em. Best Shane
  5. Hi @Colin Lindsay Thanks so much for that one! Just picked it up off the bay. best, Shane
  6. Hi All looking for some parts to complete my herald. Would appreciate any help. One Piece Rear Taillight Trim (LH + RH) 948 Bonnet Moulding (Not handle) 948 Coupe Dash or Glove Boxlid 948 Coupe White Dials ( Speedo/Fuel - British Jaeger) - any condition. 948 or 1200 rear seat for convertible (top and bottom) Bonnet edge lip moulding Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. hey clive thanks heaps for the advice. So i assume that if the 948 had a small journal cam - any fast road cam made for a small journal cam would suit? will have a look. and yes twin carb! wouldn't a twin cam be a treat. thanks again.
  8. Hi All Would anyone know if they make performance cam shafts for the 948 twin cam? Also would a cam for the 1200 fit? any advice would be appreciated. Best, Shane
  9. Been rather busy these days - but managed take the car out of storage and into the garage for the restoration to start. It became apparent quite quickly that the over 20years of being stored 100 meters to the sea had really done a number on the body of the car with the rust hitting every nook and cranny - the highly modified body really hasnt survived and was going to have to be binned. So i took the initiative to purchase a donor car for the build - its an abandoned 948cc saloon - modified to be a convertible - rego and hasnt been on the road for over 30years so perfect candidate to give life to another. (see pics attached) Chuffed that i found a donor car over here - Heralds are rather few and far between. Will update images of the body stripdown and chassis images soon.
  10. @Colin - Yes! I would like to bring it back to its original state but maybe with a few touches which hark back to its racing pedigree. @Pete - The engine is still the original 948unit - but according to the previous owner it had been modified for racing larger jetted carbs and high lift cam etc.
  11. Hi All Thought I would start a thread to document the build of my 948 convertible . It's my first Triumph. If any kind and I will definitely need some advice and help as I go along. So thought this would be the perfect place. A quick recap on the purchase - I found the car over two years ago - one owner for over 40yeara - ex race car driver here in Sri Lanka and the car was raced for many years in the 70s and 80s. During that time the cars body had been modified quite a bit and at some point a make shift roof was fitted along the way I have attached a few pictures of how I found the car. Long story short I checked the registration and the numbers seem to match - a quick email to the heritage trust in the U.K. Confirmed that it was a original 948 convertible. Extremely chuffed about that I picked it up immediately. Car has been in storage for the past year as I was traveling for work but we have started work for the past new months.
  12. Hi Gents thanks for the warm welcome. Was travelling on work but back and keen to move ahead with the project. Will start up a quick thread with updates as i get along. Lots of work was completed while i was away - so progress. thanks again Shane
  13. Hi All Greetings from Sri Lanka! I recently picked up a bit of a rough restoration project a 1960 Herald 948 Convertible. The car is currently is storage and i hope to start the restoration of it soon. This is my first triumph of any sort and looking for some advice and guidance with the restoration project - as an convertible herald is quite a rare thing in Sri Lanka - and i want to do the restoration justice. The car has had a rough life - with it being raced around a few hill climbs in the 70's and 80's and being subject to a few body modifications along the way - including a home made hard top. Will upload pictures soon. Hope to pick you brains on the bits and bobs as we go along. best, Shane
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