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  1. Roy

    SAH Filler Cap Needed

    Here's the cap with seal missing. Ben, many thanks for the Presto 75 link. I'd originally thought the seal assy was riveted to the boss but on closer examination it is threaded. So I'll order one of the refurbishment kits which should do the job. Doug, No I hadn't appreciated they were worth that much. I'd bought this in 2009 for my 2.5L Mk3 Spitfire resto using a Mk2 GT6 bonnet. And it doesn't fit as too tall. Thanks for all the comments. Roy
  2. Roy

    SAH Filler Cap Needed

    Don't think so Richard, looks like the rubber sealing disc has broken off at its center fixing.
  3. Where's the best place to get a replacement filler cap for an SAH rocker cover? Unfortunately the one fitted has the riveted rubber seal missing. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated. Was asking on behalf of a friend who is looking to improve his TR6 throttle linkage. Probably going for the Enginuity or Prestige kit tbd.
  5. Any of you on here had experience of fitting an overhead linkage to the Triumph PI engine? I see there are kits from Enginuity, Prestige and Revington, maybe more - but which is considered the best for function and probably more important, set-up adjustment. Thanks
  6. Hi John, yes very nearly there now. Will order the coil tomorrow am. All fluids in tomorrow, meeting auto elec to define all the many fuses wednesday, a few more minor bits then circuits debug by the weekend. If nothing blows up - have bought a fire extinguisher - then I'll try to start her. Interior all done and pleased with the seats and dash. Wiring the dashes and switchgear connections went together really quickly thankfully. Will email you a few pics once I've taken some better ones. So hopefully she'll be on the road in 2-3 weeks. And to think I started the resto March 2007! Hope your having fun with yours, have you decided on a new project or are you having a break from building cars?
  7. Yet another request for electrical assist as I get nearer to firing up the engine in the next few days. Now got the NGK spark plugs as recommended. Car's ignition wiring is non ballast and have optical points in the dizzy. From what I've read elsewhere I need a 3 Ohm coil. What's the best one to buy? Or do I just go for the Lucas DLB105 coil. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the feedback chaps, NGK it is, although I've no idea if the engine is pre or post 75. If you find the Bosch code Clive, let me know please.
  9. Got a 2500 MM six cly engine, all standard set-up, any reccommendations on the best spark plugs to use? Thanks
  10. Many thanks for all your replies. Have ordered new foams and covers etc for 1500 type seats so should get these in 4-5 weeks. So they should be like new when finished.
  11. Am hoping to get to Triumphfest too John
  12. Have added fillets at the joints, doubt they'll break again
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