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  1. Hi Ian. I’m in killearn - just about diametrically opposite you round Glasgow ! I am chatting to a potential welding guy to put my body together - Harry Currie in Blantyre - have you heard of him or do you know him ? If he’s on for the job I’m going to come across to meet him and it would be great to see your car if you were around. And yes please one of these black things would be great. Ill get in touch when I know if I’m coming over soon or not. thanks for the help. Richard
  2. Good evening all. Does anyone know where I might find one or two of these ? They're the little black plastic "light tubes" which tunnel light from the bulb units in the back of the speedometer casing down to the appropriate jewel lamp on the speedometer face. I really only need the metal contacts but I think the whole unit will be easier to track down. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks Steve - I eventually got a pair of new original ones from a member on here.
  4. Thanks guys. I do understand that a generous smothering of the gear mechanism will suffice and I won’t “stuff” the gaiters. I’ll just use the Molykote that someone recommended for my suspension last week.
  5. Any particular recommendations for type of grease to use on the steering rack inside the gaiters ?
  6. Hi Steve and Clive. Thanks for the input. Think we’re all confused ! I’m looking for the REAR mounting bracket assembly for the radius arms on to the rear vertical link. It’s basically a bracket welded to a long bolt. The bolt goes through the vertical link and the other end protrudes to become the lower shock absorber mount - I think ! So the thing you’ve shown me Steve is the chassis mount for the lower wishbone I think and the one you’ve illustrated Clive is the FRONT (chassis) mount for the radius arm. Does that make sense ? hope that clarifies.
  7. Thanks Pete that’s helpful advice. What do you suggest ? I was going to ask separately what people use for the track rod ball joints inside the steering rack gaiters so your comments would be welcome on that too ! Richard
  8. Hi all. Looking for a pair of rear mounting assemblies for the radius arms. Please contact me with any offers. Many thanks.
  9. I’ve been studying this a lot recently (see lengthy discussion re rear trunnions !) and having succeeded with the trunnions, I was struck by what I think is an error in the factory exploded diagram - see attached. Am I right that they show the rearmost rear radius arm mounting bolt going into the wrong hole on the vertical link ? If it’s correct I’m baffled about how it goes vis a vis the rear trunnions.
  10. Well I’ve got there eventually ! A couple of things really helped. First the extraordinary video skills of Richard Briscoe showing me how it goes together, and then the Paddocks trunnion kit with the hard bushes. I’ve also assembled everything with tons of grease and I have indeed ended up using the full water shield and dust seal kit so fingers crossed I should be fine. Interestingly, with the Paddocks kit, the wishbone slipped pretty easily on to the trunnion bolt “tunnel”. I need to speak to the guys at Superflex as the flanges on their bushes are too thick, making this assembly exercise impossible. I’m feeling reasonably confident about it all now, and the trunnion bolts are well lubricated. Meantime I also attach a picture of my new patented tool - a micro grease gun made from a vets horse syringe provided by my brother ! Did a really neat job of greasing the insides of the bushes etc. Thanks very much to you all for the helpful input as usual.
  11. Thanks Rob. I suspect I may need to do that although I’ve since read elsewhere on here that maybe I don’t need all the water shields and seals with Superflex bushes........
  12. Hi all. Been assembling my suspension units and eventually worked out how all the bushes and water shields go together on the rear units ! Problem now is that the rear wishbones duly assembled with bushes and water shields don’t remotely fit round the trunnion tubes on the vertical links. Any experience of this, and more important, any suggested solutions ?! Thanks a lot Richard
  13. Hi Kevin. See original post above - I have sent my entire roof assembly off to him but haven’t asked him to do it yet as the body is miles away from needing it ! Good luck and please let me know how it goes if you go to him. Richard peter harvey sunroofs.vcf
  14. Tricky

    Sad old Spitfire

    First registered February 1968. Tax ran out August 1990. No MOT information. Shown as black.
  15. Thanks John. I’ll check that.
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