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  1. Thanks Colin, yes always wanted to be an interceptor pilot and had a huge infatuation for Lt Ellis... Anyways have found Ralph Hansen of Apex Motorsports on Facebook. He has these reproduced in USA and sells them world wide. Mine is ordered......
  2. Hi all, Does anyone offer one of these for early Spitfire in UK? Found this when googling: http://www.spitlist.info/CamberCompensator.html Interested in any advise or experience. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, yes she doesn't look too bad on top, its what lies beneath that will need some attending to. I bought her back in 1985 and joined the club in 1986. Sometime around then the courier ran some articles on welding with a SIP Migmate. Spurred on I got to work replacing wings and sills but only patched up the floor. On her last MOT in 1997 the tester told me he didn't think the passenger floor make it through the next test, so that is where I will start. May go all the way and take the body off the chassis, lets see how I go. More snaps to come.
  4. Pulled the old blankets and covers off my Spitfire this morning, first time she's seen the light since 1997: Here starts the journey to putting the back on the road.....
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