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  1. Sorry thought I had silly me it's a 1976 spitfire according to rimmers the motor fits all spitfires
  2. I ordered bolts from rimmer bros along with shim starter motor and washers so would assume they are correct length bolts I mean why would they sell smaller makes no sense then again I shouldn't assume
  3. No old stater was binned I got a spacer on ebay so just now need to order a set of longer bolts as ones on rimmers are 1 1/2 inches need at least 2 inches
  4. Yes I was thinking that myself I dont have a spacer didnt realise this till I was actually taking off the starter motor a few days ago but I'm sure when I went to refit without shim in did nothing and if i fitted a spacer it will just pull the it further out
  5. Bought a new stater motor from rimmer bros along with bolts washers and a shim replaced this now after five months car wouldnt start took off starter motor and the teeth on motor are worn away how is this possible if all the parts are correct for the motor?
  6. Well I'm bidding but still 2 days to go
  7. Oops most have been looking for wrong thing lol thanks
  8. Yeah none available at the moment unfortunately
  9. Hi I have a problem with my starter motor on my triumph spitfire 1500 so I have ordered a new barrel and pinion set but was looking online and apparently you need a special clamp to compress the main spring in order to take off the little circlip.so my question is where would you get one or is there another way to compress the spring without the tool.thanks for looking regards Paul
  10. Thanks for the advice Colin I con only assume that as I dont often drive in the dark I have never notice issue with indicator lights on drivers side coming on it was only the other day that a neighbor said he saw me in front of him the night before and noticed the light on all the time so that's it now sorted thanks again for the advice keep safe guys regards Paul
  11. Ok I will jump down they it and get back asap thanks for advice
  12. I know you say red to red black to black but only three red wires not four so is this been a botch job from years ago cause it does look like a wire is either missing or iam wrong
  13. Well I took a picture before I took parts off so I could replace wiring back in correct order although I have had issues before with lights and horn maybe need to take car to some auto electrical expert rather than fudge it up
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