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  1. I can remember that Advert! The Model on the right is Corrine Russell one of the Sun Page 3 Girls, not sure about the lady on the left though I also remember visiting John Hills in the 80's for parts on several occasions, how about a full set of Brand New PI Ro-style trims for £18? I also had a re-conditioned 13/60 Bonnet off them when my Herald 1200 Bonnet was crushed by a Forklift Truck (There's a story?!!) together with a Second hand Herald roof with Sunroof, I think I paid £150 for both I suppose the Advert would be classed as Politically incorrect nowadays? Gary
  2. Well done! Not at all surprised it's sold to the first person to View Birmingham isn't too far from me, so hope to see it soon when the Classic car shows get going once again? Gary
  3. Shadow Blue code is 27 if I remember correctly, 16 was Midnight Blue? http://triumphspitfire.com/Paint.html Whatever, the White and Blue go really well. I've read before that if you where willing to pay extra you could have any combination you wanted? White with Red Interior looks nice too. Good Luck with the sale. Regards Gary
  4. https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-1st-sunday-2nd-may/1969-triumph-vitesse-20-convertible/ Anyone on here bought this beauty?
  5. The short unthreaded section is normal for the rotoflex shafts. Although the hubs are not as tight to remove off the outer driveshaft as the Swing axle shafts, I still had to use a proper hub puller when I rebuilt the rear suspension on my Mk2 Vitesse The threaded section tends to get stripped or damaged if you use the nut to pull the hub onto the shaft, a mate who helped me rebuild mine used a suitable brass shaft to drift the hub on before we tighten up the nut? It was a faff setting up the end-float of the bearings if I remember correctly too, you need the slightest 1 to 1.5
  6. What a gorgeous Vitesse Saloon😃 The Shadow Blue Interior with White Exterior looks amazing (I didn't realise this colour Combination was available?) Good luck with the Sale, I'm sure it will get snapped up Regards Gary
  7. I bet the V8 Dolomite sounds nice and goes well?😃
  8. There is a shaped Threaded Captive Plate, if striped you can tap up the next size or go metric. The original threads are 5/16" UNF (1/2" AF spanner) you can re-tap 3/8" UNF (9/16" AF Spanner) but you may have to drill out the hinge holes slightly M10 might be the Best Metric size but not 100% sure on this? Regards
  9. https://www.regtransfers.co.uk/search/platedetails/vjl1 How much?!!!😬
  10. I'm presuming the number plate was included in the sale too? Must be worth £5k plus on its own to the right person.
  11. Is this a new World record Price for a Vitesse at Auction? Sold for £23,500 plus Premium https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2021-04-17/
  12. I Had a quote for my Clutch Master off Dave recently £65 for genuine N.O.S. Girling Probably half the price on Flea-bay for a Chinese one but how long will it last?
  13. Try a guy called Dave Kingerley, link below. https://longbridgemotorspares.co.uk/
  14. Another recommendation for Newtons Carpets, Excellent fit and good Quality too.
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