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  1. Haha
    Gary Flinn reacted to Colin Lindsay in GT6 Window Regulators Guides, Rails & anything related to lifting the side glass (both sides)   
    I'm related to all of my cars through blood donation.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to dougbgt6 in Thrust washers - is Haynes wrong?   
    What's the point of the oil groove if it's not facing the moving part?
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Colin Lindsay in Concours GT6 Anyone   
    Aha.. so that's what happened to GTC. Haven't seen it in ages.
    You'd be afraid to use it on the road, though... first scrape or stonechip and you'd be talking ££££££s.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Mathew in Vitesse - New World record Price   
    If that sells for that price , well bu##er me sideways! Thats where i have gone wrong. Should advertise for two to three times the value.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Colin Lindsay in History of Canley Works   
    Harry Ferguson lived and worked not far from me, they have  a memorial garden to him in addition to all of the little Fergies on static display in many local villages. We seem to have so many of them that they can just set them in flowerbeds and leave them there on permanent display...

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    Gary Flinn reacted to Peter Truman in Triumph Herald interior rear view mirror   
    I think I've described this before, I have fitted the later saloon, Spit, Dolly Dipping Rear View Mirror to my Mk2 Vitesse and daughters Mk2 Spitfire,
    It required a little work as you cannot get the ball out of the later dipping mirror without destroying that mirrors body & the Vitesse mirror ball is slightly smaller than the later dipping mirror's ball.
    I cut the taper off the later dipping mirror (pic1) leaving the ball insitu using a Dremmel cutting disc, then tapped the insitu steel ball in that mirror (pic4, it doesn't rotate easily very tightly held in the dipping mirror plastic body, next I cut the ball body with clip out of the old Vitesse mirror (pic3) and screwed that fitting onto the dipping mirror via the tapped hole in fixed ball of the dipping ball (pic2), then I simply reassembled the Vitesse ball clip to its repositioned body on the dipping mirror.
    I've done it 4 times now on our 2 cars, a friends Vitesse and another club members Mk 3 Spit, in all cases the original cars mirror stem was retained.
    End result a substantially larger and more attractive mirror, which is dippable too!

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    Gary Flinn reacted to andybeau in Joke   
  8. Haha
    Gary Flinn reacted to Mathew in MkII Vitesse Ashtray   
    Its a sign of the times, rich people used to change there cars when it was full. My new car did not even come with an ash tray or lighter "now power socket and change holder/phone holder"
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Peaks in MkII Vitesse Ashtray   
    I always like to think so Gary!
    I had to fit a replacement dash top to my Vitesse a few years ago and could only find a 13/60 one at the time. I went to a lot of trouble to enlarge the hole for the ash tray so the Vitesse one would fit. All that for somethimg 99.9% of people would not notice, and I don't smoke either, but I had to keep the Vitesse standard up! 😃
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Steve P in Oil filters???   
    Too much alcohol?.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to cliff.b in Oil filters???   
    As it was like this when I bought the car a few weeks ago I didn't see a drop in pressure, but after the oil change today it is now considerably higher, so I guess that's the same thing.
    Makes sense that it's petrol in the oil and if so, what I need to work out now is if that is due to previous history or an ongoing issue.
    There was no rise in oil level & the petrol smell has gone so I'm hoping it's the former.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Pimp my Vit in WHERE ARE ALL THE MK1 TRIUMPH VITESSE SALOON,s   
    That’s enough excitement for one day in anyone’s life, I feel so good I could happily sit here for another Twenty one years but I am also so happy to hear the boys say I sounded as sweet as a nut even if it did cost £5 for plugs, and according to Colin this would be the first of many £5 needed to get me back on the roads.

    5  February 2001
    I have been sitting here in my new home still glowing from my short engine run, I have been left pretty much alone but this garage is not quite as cosy as the woodshed, I have heard talk of a complete restoration and really hope this will be the case as I know I wont last long in my present condition.
    11  February 2001
    Wow what a week, I have been stripped of all my Chrome and Interior and all rusty body parts are removed, my gearbox is gone and Engine is sitting in the Garage without any components such as the Starter, Coil and Carbs, boxes of my parts are everywhere I hope these two clowns can put me back together again, Colin has been to the International Triumph show and new Chassis outriggers are sitting in my boot there is talk of welding and lots of people have been to see me and kicked my tyres, Colin says they are all bloody mad and £10,000 was quoted just to prepare and paint me, I hope this wont put them off.
    12 March 2001
    I am on the move again, this time to a farm and a man called Jim who is going to weld my Chassis, all the new outriggers are fitted and repairs to my underside are made, my rear wheel is put back on to my chassis and I feel wonderful. I just knew this couldn’t last and now because of ‘foot and mouth’ I can’t leave the farm, this reminds me of the year I was born 1967 it seems that this was the last outbreak of this disease, I hope none of the nasty bugs were hiding in my tyres and I have started it all off again.
    8 April 2001
    Finally I have got off the farm, it necessitated me being pushed to the main road after a tyre wash with disinfectant, its back to Les and his garage but I must admit that I do feel good in the chassis department.
    I don’t get much of a chance to rest and soon I am on the truck being moved again, this time it off to Colin’s home in Kempsford and I am put in a very nice warm garage at the side of his house.
    May / June / July / August 2001
    During these months I am scraped, cleaned and welded around my chassis and finally painted with some wonderful paint that Colin says will keep me strong for another 20 years, then I have my body removed
    And find myself scattered all over the garden, its hard to keep track of yourself when your in several pieces, lots of new parts keep arriving at the house and sometimes I hear Colin and his wife Eileen discussing if it a complete waste of money buying all these parts for a rusty old wreck like me, what a cheek, I cant wait to get some of these new parts fitted.
    September 2001
    My front Tub has been in Colin’s Garage for weeks and I have found myself upside down in the front garden, its not so bad as it summer time but its beginning to get a bit chilly at night and I hear Colin say he needs to get me back inside soon. My front tub has had every hole repaired and the floor pan is as good as new, it painted in the special paint that I have on my chassis, I have new body mounting brackets all round and I am about to be reunited with my front Tub, my life seems good again.

    My repaired chassis and that spaceship parked on the drive…………..
    That special paint going on my underside…………..
     /Nov/Dec 2001
    Finally I am back in the warm Garage and my front tub is put back on my chassis, my rear tub is taken away for storage in another dry place but my bonnet assembly remains outside for the whole winter I hope it will be OK, meanwhile I get my rear suspension completely removed and painted, new spring and some really high tech shockers, new half shaft UJs and every nut and bolt is changed, then I get new brakes and brake cylinders plus new trunnions and bushes, sadly I get my rusty wheels put back on, sometimes I wonder about this boy.
    January/February/March 2002
                                                                                                                            Will they go back to the original camber???

    I am pushed out of the garage on my new rear suspension and turned around, it feels good but Colin is concerned that my wheels have a real negative camber, well what does he expect after all I do have a   new spring, now he starts on the front, again its all parts removed and painted new springs, adjustable shocks, trunnions, new nuts and bolts and I get new grease in my hubs and the correct oil in my trunnions.
    Life sure feels good again.
    Then something strange happens, another Triumph turns up it looks like one of those flower power hippies that dear old Marge disliked so much, I hear talk of ‘donor vehicle’ but what can he donate as I have every thing new then it dawns on me, he’s a convertible and I am going to get his hood instead of my old sunshine roof!!!!
    I and by all accounts neither is Colin really convinced if this is altogether a good idea.

                                  Look at the state of me, no dignity…………………….
    Will I ever see my roof again????

    APRIL 2002
    I have been fitted with new Minilite wheels and Dunlop tyres and with my new suspension and brakes it seems I am as good as new again, I get the feeling that Hippie boy is less and less likely to donate his body parts to me and I am glad to say that it looks like I will remain original. I have benefited from some metal being transferred to my own body and it seems that he has some nice parts like K&N air filters, a spin on oil filter and a
    Kenlow cooling fan, also it seems that Colin cant remember exactly how I go back together so at least he can now check out what goes where by looking at the Hippie, what is he like………..
    The donor car‘Hippy Boy’ New Age meets Old Age…………………………..
    May through Dec 2002
    The rest of 2002 saw various parts of me dragged into the garage, and new metal welded into my frail old body. Two new front wings, two rear wings and all sorts of repair panels are welded into me and I get scared that all the heat will twist and buckle me so much and I wont be able to go back together again.
    New metal going in everywhere………………

        2003     a bad year
    In 2003 Colin got a frozen shoulder and was in so much pain that I never saw him for a whole year, I was scared that no one would be able or even want to put me back together again………….
    2004 a good year for me and another bad year for Colin
    Still recovering from his shoulder Colin finds that 21 years after joining his company decides to make him and his wife Eileen redundant. Good for me in that he might have time on his hands to put me back together again, yet I also hear them talk about cutting back on finances, so no new parts for me then!!!
    Even though his shoulder is not 100% I start to get put back together, Rear Tub and front bonnet assemblies are re-fitted to the chassis. Colin’s pathetic attempt at repairing my door has failed and he finally goes off and buys another one, also he has to undo some of my rear wing welds as I don’t look quite right in the panel fit department. Finally off he goes and enrols in a welding course, bit late for that, as I am 95% welded up, what a clown!!
    Engine stripped painted and cleaned and put back together with nice new gaskets, after 70.000 sedate miles with dear old Marge all I need is my valves regrinding. Monkey Boy manages to tip over the Engine stand and I fall to the floor, only damage is a bent head stud, luckily the Hippie can donate a new one. Brand new clutch and bearing and I am reunited with my gearbox, no one knows if it still works and even though Marge crunched a few over the years I think they will hold up, wait and see!!!
    Engine and Gearbox put back into the car and I am feeling like a car again.

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    Gary Flinn got a reaction from Qu1ckn1ck in Intermittent Horn Problem on GT6 Mk3   
    Yes & Yes
    The earthing of the Horn on the Small Chassis Triumphs is problematic to say the least?
    The Horn Push retainer will provide an earth connection between the central Triumph logo horn push and the splined steering shaft via the Steering wheel retaining Nut.
    Other common problem area's are the brass slip ring wire connection and the earth link on the Steering UJ in the Engine bay.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to cliff.b in SU carbs flooding   
    Mod so I will know if my carb starts overflowing again and hopefully to stop petrol going everywhere if it does 👍

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    Gary Flinn reacted to 68vitesse in Greasing rear wheel bearings   
    In the last couple of weeks a new old stock wanner went for over seventy pounds including postage on eBay.
    New ones do turn up bought this for a lot less a few years ago and can't persuade myself to use it,    co-op price label £4.16.

  16. Haha
    Gary Flinn reacted to Badwolf in Greasing rear wheel bearings   
    I love the Wanner's. Got two off Fleabay for silly money. Because they're old and a bit messy people get rid. Just get a couple of new washers and clean them up and as good as new....and the feel of the grease between your fingers as you fill them up is absolutely.......!!!!
    ......Sorry lost it there for a minute.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Chris A in Vitesse radiator cap   
    For Heralds my book confirms 7 lb for 948, 1200 & 1250s from engine N° GA.240782.E 13 lb. 13/60 7 lb and from engine N° GE.22521.E 13 lb. My 13/60 from 1968 has the 13 lb, engine N° is after the cutoff I believe it to be the original.
    As for water level it says to fill to 1" below the filler neck to allow for expansion. Of course the 13/60 doesn't have the overflow bottle.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to Gadgetman in Vitesse radiator cap   
    its not half full but the end of the pipe is submerged (1/3 full)
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    Gary Flinn reacted to JohnD in Home-made Tools and those you've adapted or modified. And also "tips and tricks".   
    This is less tools, more kit.
    Some find that they get an oil leak, from under the nuts that secure the rocker cover.  Doing them up tighter is not the answer.
    You may be familiar with the "Dowty" washer that incorporates a rubber washer into the hole In a metal one.   Rather than source and use those (they are for high pressures!) I have fitted a fibre washer that is a loose fit on the stud, with an O-ring that is a close fit.  Over that, a plain metal, steel washer that compresses the O-ring into the gap in the fibre.
    Result, no oil leak at all!   See pics

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    Gary Flinn reacted to Peaks in Alpine Adventures   
    That's good to hear, as you say Ian these things can rust! Like Gary I also have a Tiger, and it's had to have an awful lot of new metal put into it to get it into a sound condition. The photo below is of it in it's current state.  
    As for the Hillman Husky/Commer Cob association, it's pretty loose, and there are very few common panels. A bit like saying the Triumph straight six is basically a Standard Eight engine.
    Anyway, sounds like a great buy, and I look forward to reading updates on your progress 👍

  21. Haha
    Gary Flinn reacted to DVD3500 in Alpine Adventures   
    And this whole time I assumed you meant a Renault! 🙂
  22. Haha
    Gary Flinn reacted to SixasStandard in Alpine Adventures   
    I don't think JB would have driven my one very far..........and I expect 'Q' would have got a right earful if he had!!
  23. Haha
    Gary Flinn reacted to Badwolf in Alpine Adventures   
    Ok, so, machine guns in the side lights, ejector seat (of course), you will need spinners on the wheels for the tyre slashers, satnav is now standard, does the alpine suffer from oil slick syndrome?, as for the tyre tacks you can just lob them over the boot lid if the hood is down....... get my pills, again, quick!!!
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    Gary Flinn reacted to SixasStandard in Alpine Adventures   
    My car is fitted with the engine out of a H120, although the current induction is more along the lines of 'into the loudest cars on Earth Hall of Fame'.
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    Gary Flinn reacted to SixasStandard in Alpine Adventures   
    Blimey!........I couldn't make out the Tiger side script!! Very nice indeed Gary.........although I have to say mine's still louder than yours at the moment!
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