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  1. Definitely interested Peter - you have some gems there. We'll enjoy sifting through anything we get and try to pull together a report over the next few months! Thanks so much!
  2. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the press clipping of the Nelson, New Zealand Triumph Assembly Plant, in the July 2021 Courier. Stefan Vandendijk, in Belgium, has turned up a little more about the New Zealand plant and about the Belgian one. We've scratched our heads and there were plants in Australia, Malta, South Africa and India at least - but we could be wrong! The September Courier report will include a plea for our readers, anywhere in the TSSC World, asking them to let us know of any scanned documents, links to websites, reminiscences, or even hearsay they may have relating to Standard Triumph Assembly Plants outside the UK, so that we can see if there's enough useful stuff out there to begin to pull together a report. Meanwhile, I'm starting the ball rolling by posting a plea here as well. If you have anything you think might help steer us in the right direction, please post on here - or better still - send it to international-liaison@tssc.org.uk Thank you!
  3. Thank you for posting this - very interested to hear about the Triumph Competition group as well. We would love to hear from you with anything for The Courier - about your car, or the Triumph Competition group if there is little to say about the Hockenheim Historic this year. Cheers
  4. It's hard to know what will and what won't happen in these "interesting" times, but I'd like to put out a plea to members outside the UK to post of any events that may be of interest to TSSC members (event, location, date, a few words about it). It may make sense to limit listings for some parts of the world to July onward - to give them a sporting chance of taking place - but let's list all events that have a good chance of taking place in other parts of the world from April onwards. We'll list them in The Courier from April and even those of us who can't get to our own can hopefully get some enjoyment from the ones that do take place. Please post here, or via email to international-liaison@tssc.org.uk Thank you
  5. Would be great to use these Doug - many thanks. Could you ask Clive for a few words to go with them? Pr maybe message me his email address and we could pick it up from there? I'd be happy to mail him a copy of The Courier it appears in, of course. We currently have no South African members, so it would be great if we could pick up one or two this way as well! Cheers John
  6. Quick post to ask if anyone has a few pictures, snippets or even reports that we might include in The Courier over the next few months? Hopefully you've enjoyed the first 6 months of reports we've managed to bring you - and I'm sure you're going to enjoy the February one too - and we'd like to keep them coming, so please let us know, whether you're: Locked down in the UK and would like to share tales of travel in better time Locked down elsewhere and would like to share tales of travel, observations on the classic car scene around you, or just on your Triumphs (whether project or pristine), or Fortunate enough to be able to get out and about An email, with attached pictures, to international-liaison@tssc.or.uk will always be welcome - get your car in print!!
  7. SVRA Kastner Cup - Portland International Raceway, Portland, Oregon, USA - 22-25 July 2021 Reported by John D in the International Liaison topic thread, on 4 September 2020 - with a link to the You Tube report of this year's race, which is a great watch. Thank you John D
  8. Interesting stuff Roger - thank you. Hopefully the difference between the number of TSCC international members and the number of Forum international members is down to people not filling in the location field. Otherwise, compared to the Club register, the numbers you report suggest about 30% of our French, American and Belgian members are missing from the Forum, along with a very substantial 70% of our German members. By comparison, Australia represents pretty much a full sign up to the Forum. I'll say no more at this stage, as we might have a proper look at this and drop a few statistics into The Courier one month
  9. In case you're wondering why this new heading has appeared, it's because of us - John Lay and Jess Smale, the new International Liaison Secretaries! We have quickly appreciated just how important the Forum is to members outside the UK and wanted to create an area where international news and events could be discussed, in parallel with all the technical streams. It should also give a space for questions about travel and other matters. We might even find a few stories that could be featured on the International page of The Courier. If you would like to contact us directly, just email us on international-liaison@tssc.org.uk Cheers John and Jess
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